Best Skateboard Wheels for Asphalt of 2024

best skateboard wheels for rough roads

Wheels are a vital component for determining the speed of skateboarding, alongside trucks and the board itself. They’re typically crafted from polyurethane or PU plastic and are identified by their size, hardness, and bearings. Selecting the proper wheels depends on their intended use.

However, due to wear and tear, skateboard parts, including wheels, must be replaced frequently. Learn how to choose the best skateboard wheels based on the board’s configuration and the skater’s style.


Discover the top 5 highest quality skateboard wheels that will provide the ideal fit for your board and enhance your skateboarding experience with pure joy.

LOSENKA Skateboard Wheels (2)

Material: Aluminum
Size: 52mm
Hardness: 95A
BONES Skateboard Wheels (2)

Material: Polyurethane
Size: 53mm
Hardness: 100A
NONMON Skateboard Wheels (2)

Material: Polyurethane
Size: 52mm
Hardness: 95A
RIDGE Skateboards Cruiser Wheels (2)

Material: Polyurethane
Size: 59mm
Hardness: 78A
ALOMEJOR Skateboard and Longboard Wheels (2)

Material: Pu leather
Size: 52mm
Hardness: 100A

LOSENKA Skateboard Wheels

The LOSENKA brand offers a set of 4 high-quality skateboard wheels in white, complete with 8 ball bearings and 4 metal spacers. Measuring 53mm in diameter and 34mm in width, each caster weighs 92g with a width of 22mm.

LOSENKA Skateboard Wheels (2)

Featuring spacers composed of an 8mm massive inner ring and 11mm outer ring, these wheels are 10mm in height and compatible with skateboards weighing up to 130kg.

Thanks to their durable metal coating and ball-based interior, LOSENKA skateboard wheels can withstand high rotational speeds and provide longevity. They deliver excellent performance, offering a smooth and silent ride with added comfort due to the rubber presence. Additionally, they provide great value for money.


Silent wheels
Have quality bearings and good rubber


Non-conformity of wheel dimensions

BONES Skateboard Wheels

Bones skateboard wheels are constructed using high-quality urethane, with a reference code of B083Z98KGX. These wheels consist of 4 components, each measuring 55mm in length, 32mm in width, and 55mm in height.

BONES Skateboard Wheels (2)

The standout feature of Bones skateboard wheels is their unique properties, with each wheel designed to offer specific benefits. Additionally, the sidewalls of these wheels provide exceptional stability and increased maneuverability while skating.

Every set of 4 Bones skateboard wheels is meticulously crafted using carefully selected formulas that correspond to specific skateboarding applications.

Furthermore, Bones skateboard wheels boast an eye-catching and distinct design. The formulas for each model are developed and manufactured in-house at the Bones factory, ensuring optimal safety and performance.


Unique formula for specific use
Provide excellent mobility


Do not have bearings included

NONMON Skateboard Wheels

Nonmon skateboard wheels are comprised of 4 wheels and 8 bearings, constructed using polyurethane material. Each Nonmon wheel measures 52mm in diameter and 32mm in width, with a hardness rating of 95A.

NONMON Skateboard Wheels (2)

The solid steel bearings are 22mm in outside diameter, 8mm in inside diameter, and 7mm in width. Nonmon skateboard wheels provide excellent starting speed and are suitable for all types of tracks.

Constructed using polyurethane, Nonmon skateboard wheels are practical and comfortable, allowing for a smooth slide. They are particularly well-suited for rough and challenging tracks, helping to reduce abrasions.

Nonmon skateboard wheels are easy to install and user-friendly, making them ideal for beginners. Though slightly heavy, they feature an attractive design and operate quietly.


Reduce friction
Very comfortable
Suitable for any type of track


The wheels are heavy

RIDGE Skateboards Cruiser Wheels

Ridge skateboard wheels are a set of 4 polyurethane wheels, each measuring 59mm in diameter, 44mm in width, and 59mm in height, weighing 535g.

RIDGE Skateboards Cruiser Wheels (2)

Their soft material and broad width make gliding easy and provide a smooth skating experience. The ABEC 7 bearing system ensures smooth rotational movement on the track.

Known as LED light wheels, Ridge skateboard wheels feature white LED lights that illuminate when rapidly rotated, creating a visually stunning effect.

Designed for beginners and children, Ridge skateboard wheels generate energy through friction and are large, soft, and wide. They are ideal for those starting their skateboarding journey.


Unique formula for specific use
Provide excellent mobility


Do not have bearings included

ALOMEJOR Skateboard and Longboard Wheels

The Alomejor skateboard wheels are a set of high-quality skateboard and longboard wheels. With reference number B07M64ZL6H, they measure 52 mm in diameter and 30 mm in height. The Alomejor wheels have a sleek finish and a near-perfect design. Constructed with premium materials, they are extremely flexible and durable, making them suitable for all types of terrain, even the most challenging ones.

ALOMEJOR Skateboard and Longboard Wheels (2)

Made of top-quality polyurethane, the Alomejor skateboard wheels feature a compact design and are 75% resilient, making them strong enough to handle even the most impractical terrains. These all-terrain skateboard wheels are ideal for basic skateboarding, ensuring your safety even on dangerous paths.

Designed with high-quality materials and excellent resilience, the Alomejor skateboard wheels come with an exceptional after-sales service guarantee. They are a reliable and durable option for any skateboarder or longboarder looking for wheels that can handle any terrain.


Exceptional-looking plastic materials 
Provide very interesting lighting


A decrease in wheel performance


best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks


Skateboard wheels come in different sizes measured in diameter, width, and height in millimeters. The size of the wheels affects their performance.

Wide wheels have good acceleration but are heavy and can’t reach maximum speed. On the other hand, small wheels accelerate quickly, are light, and maneuverable but feel the roughness of the ground and are easily blocked.

Skateboard wheels ranging from 48mm to 53mm are small, light, and stable. They are ideal for street skateboarding, providing a low center of gravity, constant tricks, and slides. Their lightness helps to achieve and master high tricks and are perfect for slide (glide).

Wheels ranging from 54mm to 59mm are medium-sized and suitable for everyone. They offer an excellent balance between stability, speed, and acceleration. They are all-terrain wheels and can adapt to the curve, ramp, and street.

Wheels from 60mm and above are the largest and fastest. They are stable but accelerate less quickly than small wheels. They are suitable for rough ground.

Wheels ranging from 60mm to 70mm are ideal for old school boards, longboard cruisers, freeride, and dancing. Wheels above 70mm are used for slalom and downhill.

best skateboard wheels for asphalt


Skateboard wheels are rated on the Shore hardness (A) scale which ranges from 70 A to 100 A, depending on the material and concentration used in manufacturing. Some manufacturers prefer the B scale for stiffer wheels to increase accuracy. The choice of wheel hardness depends on the skating discipline and the terrain.

Hard wheels

Hard wheels are ideal for skateboarders who perform tricks that require various rotations as they offer fast rolling and easy slipping. However, on uneven terrain, they vibrate due to their stiffness and are more suitable for smooth surfaces.

Soft wheels

Soft wheels, on the other hand, are perfect for cruiser or longboard skateboards as they provide excellent comfort on slides and good grip. They are quieter than hard wheels but less suitable for tricks as they do not slide easily. Soft wheels are suitable for rough terrain.

best skateboard wheels for powerslides


Skateboard wheels come in different levels of hardness, measured in Shore hardness (A) or B scale, depending on the composition and concentration of the material used in their manufacture.

Wheels with a Shore hardness of 73 A to 87 A are very flexible, making them ideal for slaloms, dancings, freerides, cruisers, and longboard cruisers. They provide a smooth ride and excellent grip, inhibiting vibrations along the way.
Wheels with a Shore hardness of 88 A to 95 A are also flexible, but faster and less efficient for exercises compared to very soft wheels. They are better suited for cruising, filming, or skating on rough surfaces.
Medium wheels with a Shore hardness of 96 A to 99 A are suitable for skating on damaged floors, for all-rounders, and for skating in the street, park, or bowl. They are fast and suitable for various exercises on most surfaces, making them perfect for the skatepark.
Hard wheels with a Shore hardness of 100 A or more are suitable for experienced skateboarders who can perform spectacular tricks with high speeds. However, they offer reduced grip and are best suited for street skateboarding.
For the stiffest wheels on the market, the 83 B to 84 B scale is used, with very hard wheels that are very fast but offer little grip. These are ideal for very experienced street skaters.


Skateboard wheels come in two different types: Super High Rebound (SHR) and SkatePark Formula (SPF).

SHR wheels are designed to bounce more than standard wheels, offering skateboarders a unique riding experience.
SPF wheels are specifically engineered for the smooth surfaces found in skateparks, providing excellent grip and performance.
best skateboard wheels for street


Skateboard bearings are small components that are placed inside the wheels of skateboards to enable smooth movement.

They are sold in packs of 8 and are installed in pairs on each wheel. Bearings are usually the same size and consist of circular balls coated with lubricant to reduce friction.

The main function of skateboard bearings is to distribute the weight of the rider and prevent wear and tear between the wheel and its axles.

Steel bearings are commonly used and durable, but they can get hot and stretch due to friction, causing damage over time. Ceramic bearings, on the other hand, have lower friction and are more durable.

To ensure quality and precision, bearings are measured using the ABEC scale. The higher the ABEC rating, the lower the production error rate and the stronger and more durable the bearings. This rating system provides a standard for comparing different types of bearings.

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