Best Beginner Skateboard Trucks of 2024


Skateboard trucks are crucial components when it comes to building a skateboard. These two T-shaped parts can pivot and make noise on various surfaces. Picking the right pair of trucks is just as important as selecting a good board.

While there are numerous models to choose from, beginners can use a few helpful tips to navigate the overwhelming options available on the market. By considering key factors, you can ensure that you make the right choice.


In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 5 skateboard trucks that provide excellent performance and durability for your skateboarding needs. These trucks are designed with high-quality materials to ensure a stable and responsive ride.

PARIS V3 Longboard Trucks

Color: Electro Luxe
Size: 165mm
Weight: 3 Pounds
Material: Aluminum and Steel

Color: ‎Polished
Size: 139mm
Weight: 2 Pounds
Material: Aluminum and Steel
FAFEIMS Skateboard Trucks

Color: Black and White
Size: 160mm
Weight: 1.5 Pounds
Material: Aluminum magnesium alloy
CAL 7 Skateboard Trucks

Color: Black
Size: 139mm
Weight: 1.7 Pounds
Material: Stainless steel
ALOMEJOR Skateboard Trucks

Color: White
Size: 165mm
Weight: 0.7 Pounds
Material: Aluminum alloy

PARIS V3 Longboard Trucks

Paris V3 Longboard trucks are top-of-the-line axles that are both stylish and impressive. These 180mm wide trucks are crafted from aluminum and boast a sleek finish.

PARIS V3 Longboard Trucks

The materials used in the construction of these trucks are of exceptional quality, ensuring stability and durability for your board. The design of the trucks has been carefully crafted to provide a safe and secure ride.

With a 50° angle on each truck, you’ll enjoy maximum flexibility and smooth, effortless movement. These trucks are designed to offer a comfortable ride with minimal stiffness.

Paris V3 Longboard trucks are an excellent investment for any skater. They offer outstanding value for money, and their strength and durability ensure they’ll be by your side for years to come.


Designed from excellent quality materials
Sufficiently robust and resistant


Sold by unit


The INDEPENDENT Raw brand offers a range of top-quality skateboard trucks, including the 159mm model. These trucks boast a sleek and simple design, available in two colors: silver and black.


INDEPENDENT trucks are renowned in the skate accessories industry for their exceptional construction and superior performance. In fact, many consider them to be the best trucks on the market.

Crafted from high-quality materials such as aluminum and Chromoly Steel alloy, these trucks are incredibly sturdy and durable. The pair of trucks from the INDEPENDENT brand provides outstanding performance, significantly improving your sliding, acceleration, and braking abilities.

Investing in these trucks is a wise choice, as they offer excellent value for money and will last for years to come. With INDEPENDENT trucks, you can enjoy a truly remarkable skating experience.


Pair of strong and light axles
Excellent efficiency


Erasers offer a bad experience

FAFEIMS Skateboard Trucks

The Fafeims skateboard truck pair is a lightweight and highly efficient option that provides remarkable performance. Crafted from high-quality materials, these trucks are both light and strong, ensuring a steady speed for your skateboard.

FAFEIMS Skateboard Trucks

With their easy-to-install design, these trucks can be seamlessly integrated and mounted to the bottom of your skateboard. They have a sleek appearance, making them the perfect tool for outdoor skateboarding, whether in a skate park or on the city sidewalks.

Fafeims trucks are incredibly light and sturdy, allowing them to respond appropriately to even slight inclines. You’ll have no trouble making sharp turns, even on sudden inclines.

The quick execution of turns will no doubt impress longboard pros and enthusiasts alike. These skateboard accessories are constructed from high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy material, ensuring their durability and high performance.


Lightweight and strong skate axles
Excellent durability and long life expectancy


Too noisy erasers

CAL 7 Skateboard Trucks

The Cal 7 brand offers a skateboard accessories kit that includes most of the materials needed to repair or build a skateboard deck. This set is available in different colors, including shiny silver or matte black for the trucks, as well as various colors for the wheels, making them both functional and stylish.

CAL 7 Skateboard Trucks

The package includes a set of eight ball bearings, front and rear axles, and four spacers to keep the bearings parallel. The wheels are made of durable polyurethane with an average rating of 99A, making them a versatile choice that can fit onto any good board. They can be easily attached to the trucks in the kit.

The trucks are covered with a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy that provides a solid ride without warping. Each wheel in the kit offers a balance of speed and grip, enhancing the sliding experience on streets, parks, ramps, and other smooth surfaces.

Whether you’re replacing faulty parts or building a new skateboard, the Cal 7 kit has everything you need to quickly and efficiently assemble the underside of your board. It’s an ideal choice for any skating enthusiast looking for a reliable and functional set of skateboard accessories.


Exceptional durability
Outstanding wheel efficiency
Excellent handling


Kingpin is a little too fragile

ALOMEJOR Skateboard Trucks

The Alomejor skateboard trucks are known for their strength and high load capacity. Compared to other brands, they also generate less friction, which allows for quicker turns and better speed control.

ALOMEJOR Skateboard Trucks

Installing these trucks onto your skateboard is easy, and they integrate perfectly for optimal performance during your rides. With the Alomejor trucks, you can react and turn faster, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

These trucks are ideal for outdoor skateboarding and are designed with features to enhance your skateboarding experience. The Alomejor skateboard trucks are a must-have for any skating enthusiast looking to improve their performance.


Lightweight and robust design
Has a long service life


Lack of some important assembly parts


beginner trucks skateboard


When selecting a skateboard truck, its width is an important factor to consider.

To determine the size of a skateboard truck, you need to measure the length and width of the truck, as well as the width of the hanger.

It’s essential to choose a truck that can fit the width of your skateboard. Ideally, it should not be wider than your skateboard. Skateboard trucks typically come in sizes ranging from 129mm, 139mm, 149mm, 159mm, to 169mm.

It’s generally recommended to choose a truck with an axle width that’s exactly the same as the width of your board. This ensures that the wheels will be aligned with the skateboard deck.

Wider trucks offer greater stability, which is particularly useful for professionals who spend a lot of time in skateparks and on curved surfaces. Smaller trucks are much lighter and are great for performing tricks on the street and on asphalt.

best skateboard trucks for street


When it comes to skateboard trucks, there are three height categories to choose from in the market. The selection of the appropriate height should be based on your body size and wheel size.

Low trucks are recommended for smaller wheels and are ideal for street tricks because they provide excellent stability. Medium trucks are versatile and can be used on almost any terrain. Tall trucks are the best option for accommodating large wheels and are perfect for cruising, curving, ramping, and transitioning.

Taller individuals may find tall trucks more practical, as they have longer legs and more power to push the tail of their board to the ground quickly. However, shorter skaters may struggle with high set-ups. Children are usually recommended to use low trucks.

When selecting a truck height, it is important to concentrate on research to find the height that is most suitable for you and your skateboard.

best pickup trucks for beginners


Understanding the various components of a skateboard truck is essential when it comes to choosing the right one for your board.

A skateboard truck is made up of several parts, each of which is important and can be customized according to your preferences and requirements. Even though they work together as a single unit, you can replace individual parts if they are damaged.

Here are the main components of a skateboard truck:


Also known as the flat base, this component supports your truck and is attached to your board. It forms the foundation of your truck, and the holes in the baseplate are where you will attach the hardware to the skateboard.


Bushings are made of rubber and are located on each side of the hanger, which is the central part of the truck. They are attached to each end with metal washers. The bushings act as shock absorbers and determine the level of rigidity you have on your board. The stiffer the bushings, the less your truck will turn, and vice versa.


This is the large screw that holds the entire truck in place at its base. Over time, the kingpin can wear out due to repetitive grinds, which can affect the tightness of your bushings. You can easily replace a worn-out kingpin by visiting your local skate shop.


The hanger is the visible, larger part of the truck above the baseplate. This is where the skateboarder will slide or grind. The kingpin secures the hanger to the baseplate.


The axle is the part on each side of the hanger where you attach the wheels and bearings of the board. It has a threading system at the end, which allows you to fix the wheels in place using two self-locking Nylstop nuts.

By understanding the components of a skateboard truck, you will be better equipped to choose the right one for your board and maintain it over time.

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