About US

Who is behind RIDINGADVISOR?

We have a lot of plans for RIDINGADVISOR.COM, and one is to help people get moving! The site was born by chance but with very clear ideas: promoting sustainable mobility that allows us all to live in less polluted cities so our health doesn’t suffer from it too much- after all pollution levels are just too high these days.

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and what was once unimaginable has become reality. We are witnessing an unprecedented technological revolution that will likely be the best moment in human history because it allows us to meet our needs better than ever before with Science!

In a world where everything is changing, the enemies to beat are sedentary lifestyles and climate change.

Our Email Address: ridingadvisor@gmail.com

Our mission and objective

In the RIDINGADVISOR team, we have a clear objective: we want to help people find ways of living that are more sustainable. In addition, our work centers around promoting health and wellness through movement; this includes using technology in new ways while also focusing on personal development.

One way is by making sure everyone has access to affordable transportation options so they can get where their needs lie without having any negative impacts on air quality or climate change – something only recently considered worthy enough for attention within major policy discussions worldwide!

How do we do it?

In our blog, we offer a contrast of information to all the noise and misinformation that can be found on the internet. We do this by selecting products for people who want practicality in their purchases with an informed decision-making process as well!

One aspect that seems different to us is the lack of accountability. We can be totally independent and express our honest opinion without any type of conditioning, which allows for total objectivity in analysis

We give you information – then it’s up to you what happens with that! And so friends…

How we evaluate and test products

We are your trusted friend who knows everything about the products and can tell you whether it is a good idea before even giving his opinion. We have researched them ourselves, but not to be smarties – just experts by testing these things out thoroughly in our own time

I would say that there’s no need for me/use some kind of tone here since he was trying to explain why this website may act differently from others with regards to recommending certain items (in terms of user input).

We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our users and we only work with companies who share this vision. We never let anyone else’s opinions get in the way of a fair, objective review because it is crucial that every customer has access to information about products they’re interested in buying or using themselves so their expectations can be met when reading through reviews later on down the road if making purchase decisions based off them.

Whether you’ve bought something from us before or not yet but plan too soon. We hope reviewing our policies will clear up any confusion as where things stand.

The products we analyze are bought on behalf of our readers, assessing the interest they have for users. Sometimes this means that if it’s a popular or novelty item in some way then you’ll see us testing those types but always maintaining an independent editorial policy so these reviews can really give valuable insight into new products before anyone else does!

Our editorial team

We’re committed to delivering the most current and accurate information for readers. We have experts in every field who are dedicated to providing up-to-date insights, so you can make informed purchasing decisions that will help promote healthy lifestyles!


Content coordinator and responsible for product testing. technology and health is his passion, one day he was lost in the mountains but found some gadget enthusiasts who share a love for all things tech.


Known for his tireless work ethic, the personal trainer is a well-known name in health and fitness circles. Whether it’s helping someone reach their goals or just getting into great shape himself; he’ll never stop running!


Diploma in physiotherapy and loves working with children. She’s not sure if she enjoys treating patients more or spreading knowledge over the internet but either way, it is something that brings joy to her workday!