Cookies Policy

In any event, your privacy is assured. The fact that we use cookies to improve our website and make sure you’re getting the most out of it means they will be temporary in nature with no traceable information after the session ends! And if one day something changes for us here at RIDINGADVISOR.COM (ie: new laws), then who knows what might happen? But until then stay tuned as these things tend not always happen quickly or without warning…

The use of cookies on our website is divided into two groups:

Techniques: These are cookies that help to make the web more user-friendly. They’re not personally identifiable information, and therefore they don’t need your permission before being stored on our servers so long as you’re informed about it in advance!

Website management: These types of cookies are used to make the website easier for you. They can include your user identifier and preferences, such as which sections should be visible on our site—colors or news distribution? The default setting is stored in these cookie files so when we return instead of having everything set back at square one with a new browser session there is already information about how users like their websites setup!

Analytics: On the web, Alexa and Google Analytics cookies are used to keep track of your visits. These visitors can be identified by what website they go on next or if it’s a recurring visit for them among others things like that. In addition, these tracking mechanisms also allow companies serving ads more specifically tailored toward their interests based on data collected from previous browsing behavior via those same programs’ functionality built into websites you might have visited before coming here which would mean this post could show up as an ad under my name – but only after I already clicked through once without knowing!

Deactivation and elimination of cookies

You can make decisions about cookies on your computer by configuring the browser options. By disabling cookies, some of these available services may no longer be operational and you will have more control over which ones work on this website; however, it depends on each individual’s choice as there is no one way to do so since different browsers function differently when needing help with Cookies set-up or deletion from Preferences menus within their particular program versions through Help sections without any confusion whatsoever because they contain clear instructions for doing just that!

You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer by configuring the options of the browser installed on your computer.