Best Saddle for Numbness of 2024

best bike saddle to prevent numbness

When it comes to purchasing a bicycle saddle, it’s important to make a well-informed decision. Choosing the wrong one can result in an unpleasant and painful experience, whether you’re just out for a leisurely ride or engaging in training or racing.

The perfect saddle for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, but there are three key factors to consider: shape, width, and hardness.

For road cyclists who ride longer distances with heavier bikes, a stiffer saddle is important to avoid discomfort over time or after an accident. On the other hand, mountain bikers may want to consider a more flexible saddle that can better absorb shocks, even if it may wear out faster.

Fortunately, there are countless options available when it comes to bicycle saddles. To help you find the perfect one quickly and easily, we’ve put together a user-friendly buying guide with all the information you need! We cover the different types of saddles available and their unique features, as well as which ones work best for your riding style and desired results.


Before purchasing a bike saddle, it’s a good idea to sit on it for around 10 minutes to determine its comfort level. Your body will be able to tell you if the seat is a good fit for you. With that in mind, here are 10 different types of saddles that cater to various preferences and needs.

YOUNGDO Bike Seat 1

Material: Faux Leather, Rubber and Foam
Pad Type: Waterproof Pad
Color: Black
Size: 266*163mm
User: Women and Men


Material: Blend
Pad Type: Waterproof Pad
Color: Black
Size: 266*143mm
User: Women and Men

IPSXP Bicycle Seat

Material: Foam and Polyurethane
Pad Type: Waterproof Pad
Color: Black/Red
Size: 270*150mm
User: Women and Men

AISHCES Bicycle Saddle

Material: Gel,Foam,Pu Leather
Pad Type: Foam Pad
Color: Black
Size: 260*155mm
User: Women and Men


Material: Synthetic and Nylon
Pad Type: Waterproof Pad
Color: Black
Size: 277*132mm
User: Women and Men


Material: FLeather, Carbon Fiber
Pad Type: PU and high grade EVA pad
Color: Black
Size: 275*143mm
User: Women

FABRIC SCOOP MTB And Road Bike Saddle

Material: Nylon, Gel and Foam
Pad Type: Gel Pad
Color: Black
Size: 266*163mm
User: Men

SELLE ITALIA Road Bike Saddle

Material: Synthetic
Pad Type: Gel Pad
Color: Black and white
Size: 270*152mm
User: Women


Material: Leather and Foam
Pad Type: Waterproof microfiber
Color: Black
Size: 260*134mm
User: Women and Men

EC90 Professional Bicycle Saddle

Material: Artificial Leather
Pad Type: Waterproof Pad
Color: Black
Size: 250*145mm
User: Women and Men

FABRIC LINE Race Shallow Saddle

Material: Polyurethane Foam
Pad Type: Waterproof microfiber
Color: Shallow Black/White
Size: 270*134mm
User: Women and Men


Material: Leather and Foam
Pad Type: Gel Pad
Color: Black
Size: 276*155mm
User: Men


This bike saddle is one of the standout models on the market, particularly for mountain biking. Its surface is made of durable PU leather, which is non-slip to keep you comfortably seated during your rides.

YOUNGDO Bike Seat 1

The saddle is filled with high-density gel foam for exceptional comfort and support, which is particularly helpful for those who suffer from discomfort in the hips. It weighs 500 grams and has dimensions of 25 x 3.9 x 22 cm, making it a lightweight and compact option.

The saddle is designed with small ventilation holes to ensure proper air circulation, while the inclusion of spring balls on the bottom provides excellent shock absorption for bumpy terrain. Reflective strips on the tail of the saddle offer added visibility and safety during nighttime rides.

The saddle has an ergonomic design with a narrow front to prevent inner thigh rubbing and a gradually increasing width toward the rear to support your hips. It is easy to install with a wrench, and it is waterproof for riding in the rain. The saddle comes with a one-year warranty for returns or refunds. Additionally, it is an anti-prostate saddle.


Comfortable and soft
PU leather surface
Filled with high-density gel foam
Air ventilation
Excellent cushioning
Easy to install


It is not waterproof; it must be used with a protective cover


This bicycle saddle is a budget-friendly option that offers great value for its price. It has a sleek design and is among the most affordable options available on Amazon. Despite its low cost, it is made with high-quality materials that provide a comfortable riding experience. The surface of the saddle is made of synthetic leather that is adequately padded, offering both elasticity and resistance for safe and comfortable riding.


One unique feature of this saddle is its anti-prostate channel, which is designed to alleviate pressure on the pelvic region for a more comfortable and healthy ride. This is not a feature that is typically found in saddles at this price point, making it a great value.

With dimensions of 27 cm in length and 15 cm in width, and weighing only 381 grams, this saddle is durable and lightweight. The narrow tip makes it great for shorter rides, and it is also waterproof for those rainy day adventures.


Sleek and bold design
It has an anti-prostate channel
Great value for the price
Provides elasticity and resistance


Not so soft


The RICYRLK bike saddle is a top-rated product due to its exceptional features that make it stand out from other bike saddles in the market. This saddle is made of high-quality materials that ensure comfort and durability.


Measuring 24 x 14 x 6 cm, the saddle is made of soft microfiber leather, which provides a comfortable pedaling experience. Its carbon frame is lightweight and sturdy, allowing for cushioning impacts during rides, making it a great choice for long-distance cycling.

The saddle’s design includes a hole on the inner face for proper air ventilation, which ensures you remain comfortable during rides, preventing sweating and humidity. This feature reduces pressure on the lower body areas and minimizes rubbing on sensitive parts.

At a weight of only 260 grams, the saddle is coated with PU leather that provides a soft and comfortable touch. Additionally, this material ensures that the saddle is tear-resistant, guaranteeing an extended use time.

The saddle is easy and fast to assemble, and you can even adjust its inclination to your liking. Its features make it perfect for long-distance cycling and can be installed on both road and mountain bikes.


Made of carbon fiber
Comfortable and lightweight
Helps to cushion
It has a hole to ventilate the air
Easy to install


Not so soft

FABRIC SCOOP MTB And Road Bike Saddle

This bicycle saddle stands out in terms of comfort and style, and it will grab your attention from the moment you use it on your rides. It features an innovative design that provides various benefits and sets it apart from typical rigid and stretched covers.

FABRIC SCOOP MTB And Road Bike Saddle

The Fabric Scoop bicycle saddle is made up of different gel inserts that are distributed in three optimal strategic points to properly distribute the weight and increase the rider’s comfort. It also features low-density foam and a Radius profile that considerably increases its support.

The saddle is structured in three parts, which eliminates pressure and compression that conventional saddles present. It joins a waterproof microfiber to the flexible base integrated in the Scoop, providing a much softer foam capable of providing you with the pleasant experience you need in each pedal stroke.

Its Radius profile was designed to give you an upright position while driving, both in the mountains and on the road. It also has a rounded shape on the back, which has good padding.

Weighing just 349 grams, it is composed of a cover whose cleaning is quite easy to carry out. It also has steel rails that provide resistance for your rides regardless of the terrain. The saddle guarantees a perfect grip on the Seatpost and is built to be used under different weather conditions, providing you with security on all your trips.

Furthermore, it has three profile options, including Flat, Shallow, and Radius, which are suitable for different driving styles. It is ideal for road and mountain bikes but can be used for different types of cycling.


Three optimal gel inserts
Different profile options
Flexible base
Soft foam


In spite of everything, it can be something heavy

FABRIC LINE Race Shallow Saddle

The Fabric Line Elite bicycle saddle offers a comfortable and durable style, perfect for pushing your limits and embarking on extreme adventures. This saddle features a central channel that helps alleviate pressure on the pudenda artery, providing maximum comfort during long rides.

FABRIC LINE Race Shallow Saddle

Similar to the Fabric Scoop, the Fabric Line Elite is designed in three pieces, eliminating the hard shell commonly found in other saddles. The result is a comfortable and durable saddle, weighing only 317.51 grams.

Measuring 8″ x 12″ x 3″, the Fabric Line Elite is covered in waterproof microfiber, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. The cover is connected to a flexible base, and the saddle contains soft foam for added comfort during long rides.

Installation and cleaning of this saddle are easy, and its Shallow profile allows for versatile use in various areas of cycling. It is ideal for mountain, road, and cyclo-cross bikes, and its lightweight design makes it an excellent choice for riders seeking speed and agility.


Easy to clean
Microfiber cover
Comfortable and resistant
Flexible base
Anti-prostate channel
Shallow Profile


Doesn’t save much on weight

EC90 Professional Bicycle Saddle

The EC90 Professional Bicycle Saddle is a high-quality seat designed for both mountain and road cycling. With its ergonomic shape and suspension gel, it offers maximum comfort while cycling. It’s designed to reduce heat and sweat buildup during long rides and evenly distribute pressure across the surface of the cushion.

EC90 Professional Bicycle Saddle

The saddle is also resistant, firm, and easy to install without requiring additional tools. Plus, at just 200 grams, it’s lightweight and suitable for all types of bicycles. It measures 64mm thick, 143mm wide, and 240mm long.

Cycling enthusiasts consider this saddle to be one of the most comfortable on the market. It allows riders to flex to 30 and 45-degree positions, reducing pressure on sensitive areas and preventing pain during long rides.

The saddle features a double stainless steel railing located at the bottom of the bike, along with a high-resistance outer shell that provides excellent shock absorption and protection.

The company offers a 30-day refund or money-back guarantee in case of any factory defects. If you’re looking for a comfortable and durable bike saddle, the EC90 Professional Bicycle Saddle with Suspension Gel is an excellent choice.


Both men and women can use it. Even for long road trips
It is waterproof
Provides better protection
Fits all bikes
It flexes a bit for comfortable 30-45 degree positions
The bike seat has been designed to reduce pressure on the prostate and pubic bone


It is not carbon, which can be a bit uncomfortable for some users

IPSXP Bicycle Seat

This Gel Bike Saddle Seat features memory foam padding with springs, making it a comfortable and breathable option for cycling enthusiasts. Designed with an ergonomic shape, it is suitable for both mountain biking and road riding. Its padded design and elongated nose allow for free movement of the thighs, reducing discomfort for the cyclist during long races.

IPSXP Bicycle Seat

The IPSXP saddle is shockproof, providing more security and eliminating bone pain caused by cycling during long runs. It also features a central cut for ventilation and relief, which helps alleviate pressure points in sensitive areas, making it perfect for long-distance runs. Additionally, it is breathable, ensuring a fresher and drier ride.

This saddle can be easily installed on most standard seats thanks to its rail system and mounting bracket, making it a great replacement for mountain bike saddles, road bikes, children’s bikes, and mini bikes. The raincoat for the seat is very resistant to water, protecting it from moisture, and two tool keys are included for saddle mounting, along with one clamp.

Overall, the IPSXP gel bike seat saddle is a great choice for those looking for a comfortable and durable option for long-distance cycling.


Provides soft cushioning
Designed with a breathable center cut
It comes with a waterproof raincoat for the seat
Relieves pressure on the most sensitive points in long-distance runs
It is installed very easily
You get it at a good cost


Saddle width is standard and can be uncomfortable for some riders


Fizik has developed a unique classification called Spine Concept, of which the Antares R3 is a part, designed for cyclists with medium flexibility spines. This bicycle saddle is built to give you a natural posture while cycling and adapt to your body shape for maximum comfort.


The Antares R3 saddle is made of fiberglass and features a nylon and carbon shell, with a lightweight and corrosion-resistant K: Kium rail. It also includes a Comfort Core foam for added comfort during your trips. An anatomical cutout helps release pressure in the lower area, while distributing and securing the weight the saddle must bear.

The Wing Flex technology in the saddle shell makes the sides of the seat more flexible, allowing better mobility when pedaling. The Clip System integrated into the base of the structure makes it easy to install the seat without the need for additional tools.

At 18.2 x 35.9 x 7.9 cm, many cyclists appreciate the dimensions of this saddle. Weighing only 195.04 grams, it is a high-performance saddle suitable for cyclists with medium flexibility spines looking to give their best on both mountain and road bikes.

The Antares R3 is a top-notch, comfortable saddle for speed enthusiasts. Its design and build quality are of the highest standard, making it an ideal tool for any cyclist seeking maximum comfort during long rides.


Clip System Technology
Super light
Wing Flex Technology
Chameleon Profile


Not suitable for non-chameleons


The Brooks C13 is an Italian-made bicycle saddle that does not require a break-in period, unlike other leather models. The C13 is made of unconventional materials and has a professional tone, making it a great choice for competitive riders.


This saddle has a vulcanized rubber base with an organic cotton surface, making it lightweight and comfortable. It also features an anti-prostate hole that reduces pressure in the lower zone. The carbon fiber rail at the bottom of the saddle is 9mm in length, making it lightweight at only 250 grams.

With dimensions of 26 x 26 x 37 cm, the C13 is finished with black aluminum rivets that give it a simple yet stylish design. This saddle is suitable for both road and mountain bikes, making it versatile and perfect for short and long-distance rides.

The Brooks C13 guarantees comfort, flexibility, and resistance to the elements 24/7. It’s a great option for cyclists who want to optimize their performance and enjoy a comfortable ride.


Pretty light
Very comfortable
Suitable for being outdoors


Carbon rail may need a seat post adapter

AISHCES Bicycle Saddle

This bicycle saddle is designed for passionate cyclists who want to perform their best on every ride. Its eye-catching design is not only suitable for experienced riders but also for those who are new to the cycling world. The saddle has features that promote airflow to keep you cool during intense rides and is easy to clean.

AISHCES Bicycle Saddle

The saddle is ergonomically designed with a cutout that reduces pressure on the pelvic area. It is made of waterproof synthetic leather and features foam rubber inside for a comfortable and shock-resistant seat. The support is constructed with durable metal for added longevity.

Weighing 380 grams and measuring 29 x 16.5 x 7 cm, this saddle is ideal for long-distance rides and mountain biking. It is compatible with both urban and MTB bikes and is easy to install at an affordable price.

Overall, this saddle offers comfort, durability, and performance for cyclists of all levels.


Quite an affordable cost
Striking and ergonomic design
Super easy to install
Adequate air ventilation


Despite everything, it is not as comfortable as other saddles

SELLE ITALIA Road Bike Saddle

The Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow bicycle seat is a popular choice among female cyclists due to its high-quality design and exceptional comfort. It provides optimal support and eliminates lower area pain with its central cutout, which absorbs different vibrations during your ride.

SELLE ITALIA Road Bike Saddle

Constructed with titanium rails, it is lightweight and durable, making it a favorite among many cyclists. Its leather cover is breathable, and silicone gel inserts are distributed around the contour of the cutout to ensure maximum comfort on your tours.

At 31.75 x 17.78 x 3.81 cm, this bicycle seat is designed specifically for women and weighs only 280 grams. Its Shock Absorber technology reduces accidental impacts on the road, and it is suitable for road and cyclo-cross bikes, as well as E-Bikes.

The Selle Italia range includes Idmatch Capiler Smart technology, offering 6 sizes divided into two groups: S1, S2, S3 – L1, L2, and L3. The “S” seats are narrow with a width between 131-136 mm, while the “L” sizes have a width of 145-150 mm.

The numbers (1, 2, and 3) next to the sizes indicate whether the seat has a central cutout. The Flow technology provides greater flexibility in that area, ensuring optimal comfort. The Selle Italia falls into the S3 category and features the SuperFlow technology, which provides a larger central cutout, reducing discomfort in the pelvic area considerably.

In summary, the Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow bicycle seat is an excellent choice for female cyclists looking for optimal comfort and support during their rides.


Super comfortable
Strong and lightweight
Adequate air ventilation
Shock Absorber Technology
ID match Smart Caliper Technology
Flow anti-prostate system


Not very, weather-resistant


The Selle San Marco bicycle saddle is designed to provide maximum comfort on all your rides. Its ergonomic design and integration with several technologies make it a safe and comfortable choice.


The saddle’s lightweight and stiff design enable you to have a powerful ride, thanks to the central opening that reduces pressure in the perineal area. This helps to prevent unpleasant discomfort in that part of the body, while maintaining a stable surface to ensure a safe ride.

One of the saddle’s strong selling points is its weight of just 205 grams, as the brand focused on making it as light as possible. Measuring 27.7 x 14.2 x 5.1 cm, the narrow, curved seat features a microfiber and lycra cover, with manganese rails and variable density filling for maximum comfort in all riding positions.

Furthermore, this seat is designed with Idmatch S2 technology, which makes it suitable for cyclists whose pelvic rotation is medium.


Idmatch Smart Caliper Technology
Opening in the central channel


Not very good for the weather

best bike saddle Buyers Guide

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to find the ideal bicycle saddle for your needs.

Your bike saddle is a crucial component when it comes to your comfort while riding. Along with proper shorts, a good saddle will go unnoticed, but if it’s not right, you’ll definitely feel it.

The saddle is the main point of contact between you and your bike, and even minor differences between similar seat designs can make a big difference in your comfort level.

Fortunately, the factory-installed saddle on your bike is usually good enough for most riders. Manufacturers aim to create a product that will satisfy as many people as possible while keeping costs reasonable.

However, if you want to upgrade your bike’s appearance, shed some weight, or improve your comfort level, you might want to consider purchasing a new saddle. If you’re not sure whether your current saddle is uncomfortable due to its design or just needs cleaning, it might be worth looking for a replacement before investing your time and money into cleaning it.

It’s no wonder that professionals and couriers, as well as anyone who spends a lot of time on a bike, often stick with their preferred saddle model even when switching bikes.

Many people assume that the best way to achieve a comfortable ride is to invest in an expensive, high-end saddle. However, comfort can be found at different levels and weights. Tour de France winners have used saddles weighing up to 300 grams!

Choosing a new saddle can be overwhelming, as there are many different styles available to suit a variety of riding preferences, from leisurely commutes to downhill racing. This guide is here to help you find your perfect saddle and style!

best bike saddle for numbness


If you’re looking to buy a new bicycle saddle, there are a few important things to consider in order to choose the product that best suits your needs. Here are the most relevant aspects to keep in mind:


Bicycle saddles are made of different materials, each with its own specific use and technical features. It’s important to consider these factors when choosing a new saddle, as they will help you determine which product is best for you.


The width of the saddle is an important factor to consider when making your purchase. It should be approximately the same as the distance between your ischial bones, which are the pointy bottoms of your pelvic bone on each side. While the best-selling bicycle saddle brands have standard measurements, it’s better to know your sitting position to determine your correct saddle size.


The length of a saddle is more focused on the type of cycling you plan to do. A longer saddle is ideal for road cycling, as it provides greater mobility and a more comfortable position over long periods. A narrower saddle is better for urban cycling, as it offers better fixation and avoids chafing between the legs.


There are three types of saddle shapes: concave, convex, and flat. The choice depends on your personal preferences, position, and where you will support your sitting bones. Each model differs in the comfort it can provide:

Concave: Offers better balance and greater pronouncement in the central area.

Convex: Provides the cyclist with a higher altitude on the sides and an intensification of support with the hamstrings.

Flat: Does not have a part with a higher altitude, and there is not one side more pronounced than the other.


For men, there is the option to purchase an antiprostatic bicycle saddle. This type has a hollow strip in the center that takes the pressure off the prostate, making it ideal for male cyclists who regularly suffer from discomfort in the prostate area. It also helps improve sitting position by serving as a reference for the groove.

For Women

There are exclusive bicycle saddles for women that are comfortable, aerodynamic, and have a shape that differs from those designed for men. They are generally wider at the back to adapt perfectly to the shape of a woman, and are adapted to the mode of use of the bicycle, such as mountain biking, road, or urban cycling.

best road bike saddle for long rides


When looking for a bicycle saddle, it’s important to consider the type of cycling you’ll be doing and the level of comfort you’re looking for. Here are some types of saddles to consider:

Recreational Saddles

These saddles are designed for short-distance rides and are suitable for children and adults alike. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some models feature springs and suspension to absorb shocks from uneven terrain.

Road Saddles

Road saddles are lightweight, narrow, and not heavily padded. They are designed for long-distance rides and offer minimal friction on the legs. If you’re new to road cycling, it may be best to choose a saddle with more padding to help you adjust to the stiffness of these saddles.

Touring Saddles

Touring saddles are comfortable and heavily padded, making them ideal for long rides. They are wider at the rear to provide ample support for your bones, and some models come with suspension springs to absorb vibrations and bumps.

Women’s Saddles

Women’s saddles are designed to fit the female body, with shorter tips and a central cavity for ventilation. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some models are made of leather with small holes for added ventilation.

Mountain Bike Saddles

Mountain bike saddles are designed for variable riding positions and speeds. They are lightweight, padded, and often have a double-layer or durable coating. They have a rounded, low-profile back and an aerodynamic structure to provide mobility in mountainous terrain.

most comfortable bike seat reviews

Bicycle Seat Materials

Bicycle seats come in various materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common materials used for bicycle saddles:


Many cyclists prefer gel seats because they can easily adapt to the rider’s body shape, providing extra comfort. However, one downside is that gel seats tend to compress more quickly than those made of foam.


Foam seats are commonly used for road cycling and long-distance rides. They can mold to different shapes without permanently altering the original form and can return to their initial state.


You can add an extra layer of cushioning to your bicycle seat by attaching a pad on its surface. However, if you enjoy cycling at high speeds, pads may not be the best option. Instead, you can wear well-padded cycling shorts to provide additional cushioning.

Keep in mind that making your saddle too thick can work against you, as it may cause bouncing while pedaling and annoying friction on the inner thighs.

most comfortable bike saddle


Looking for the perfect bicycle saddle may not be an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming either. Check out the aspects below to find the best one for you.

The first thing you should consider is comfort. Everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. The shape of the saddle will depend on your gender. For men, a narrow gel seat may be more comfortable, but for women, a wider saddle is ideal.

The shape also depends on the type of cycling you do. If you love downhill cycling, a mountain bike seat may not be the best option for you.

Another important factor to consider is your riding position and flexibility. If you’re not very flexible, you tend to move around on the seat, so a rounded bike seat may be a better option for you.

It’s also important to take into account your pedaling position in order to reduce pressure on your pelvis. Finally, cycling experts recommend using bib shorts to find the best bicycle saddle on the market.

Many times, a cyclist finds the perfect saddle, but poor-quality bib shorts ruin the experience. So, it’s best to invest in high-quality shorts that are antibacterial and anatomical.

most comfortable bike seat for long rides


If you’re an avid cyclist, you may experience discomforts like numbness, buttock pain, and irritations while riding your bicycle for long periods of time. Here’s why this happens and what you can do to prevent it.

Arteries and nerves in the pubic area

The arteries and nerves in the pubic area can get compressed by the bicycle seat, causing discomfort due to reduced blood flow and decreased oxygen circulation in the body. This can cause mild pain, tingling, and numbness.

Women are more susceptible to these discomforts as their lower zone is more pronounced, which exposes the arteries and nerves. Their subpubic angle has greater amplitude than men, which makes them more prone to discomfort.

Blisters, sores, or bruises

Constant pressure and friction from the saddle can cause irritation and even bruises on your skin. It’s crucial to choose a saddle that doesn’t have sharp edges and is properly positioned to prevent rubbing against your thighs.

To avoid blisters, maintain a correct posture while cycling, wear two cycling shorts, and use anti-irritation creams. It’s also important to choose the right saddle for your bike, based on the type of cycling you’ll be doing.

best bike saddle for heavy rider


If you’re looking to purchase a bicycle saddle online, you may come across various brands that are popular among cyclists. Here are some of them:

Selle San Marco

With 85 years of experience, this brand has become a favorite among cyclists. They offer a wide range of prices to fit your budget.

Selle Italia

If you’re looking for a customized saddle, Selle Italia is a great option. They are one of the most well-known brands in Italy and specialize in creating saddles that suit your needs.


Known for producing high-quality accessories for cycling, Fizik is a renowned brand in the cycling world. Their products are expensive but worth it.


This brand specializes in creating touring and road saddles that are of excellent quality.


Brooks focuses on manufacturing comfortable and stylish urban saddles. They are a great option if you’re looking for a saddle that not only looks good but also feels comfortable.

most comfortable bicycle seat for seniors


In summary, the bicycle saddle is a crucial element for the rider’s comfort and performance. As a result, there have been advancements in the design of saddles to cater to the varying needs of cyclists.

With the availability of different saddle models, it is essential to understand their benefits to make an informed decision. Proper usage of the saddle also plays a vital role in preventing injuries and enhancing the overall cycling experience, regardless of the discipline.


How to Sit on a Bicycle Saddle Correctly to Avoid Discomfort?

To avoid discomfort when riding a bicycle, it is important to sit correctly on the saddle. The distance between your sit bones should be as wide as, or wider than, the widest part of the saddle (culotte) to avoid soft tissue discomfort due to bone-crushing pressure.

How to Test for Discomfort Without an Anti-Prostate Saddle?

You can determine if you need an anti-prostate saddle by following these steps:
Choose a non-padded saddle with a firm and smooth surface.
Sit on the saddle and place your elbows on your knees without bending your back.
Stay in this position for about 5 minutes.
If you feel discomfort in your crotch area, use an anti-prostate saddle.
If you don’t feel any discomfort, you don’t need an anti-prostate saddle.

What is the Right Saddle Height and Bike Fit?

Choosing the right saddle is crucial for your comfort, but getting the correct fit is equally important. If you feel discomfort when sitting too far back or forward, your bike may have balance issues that need addressing. We recommend a professional bike tune-up, which includes biomechanical tests to assess your flexibility, physical limitations, and cycling goals, ensuring you are correctly mounted on the bike.

Should You Buy a Gel-Padded Seat?

While gel-padded seats may initially feel comfortable, they can be compact and feel uncomfortable over time. Non-padded seats are recommended for long-term comfort.

Why is it Important to Choose the Correct Bicycle Saddle?

The saddle is one of the most important components of a bicycle, as it comes into contact with sensitive areas of the body. Studies show that choosing the wrong saddle can cause health issues and affect your cycling experience. Factors such as size, sex, material, and mode of use of the bicycle should be considered when choosing a saddle. A well-chosen saddle will prevent injuries and health risks, enhance performance, and make cycling a more enjoyable experience.

When is it Ideal to Buy a New Bicycle Saddle?

Replace your bicycle saddle if it is broken or too heavy. Do not replace a saddle solely because it is uncomfortable, as the discomfort may be related to the seat position adjustment. Buying a new saddle can be a good investment that avoids injuries, improves performance, and reduces the weight of your bike.

How to Install a Bicycle Saddle?

To install a bicycle saddle, you need a set of Allen keys, a meter for measurements, and a torque wrench. Before installation, take measurements from the old saddle, such as the distance from the tip of the saddle to the center of the handlebar and from the top of the saddle to the center of the pedal stroke. Then, uninstall the old saddle and place the rails of the new seatpost over the grooves of the clamp. Tighten the bolts slightly, adjust the incline based on the height of the old model, and firmly tighten the bolts with a torque wrench.

What is the ideal height of the bicycle saddle?

The height of the bicycle saddle determines your performance on the bike. Measure your inseam with the specific bicycle shoes you will use. Stand on a wall straight and measure the distance between your shoes and your crotch, where you rest the bicycle saddle, for greater precision.

How to adjust a bicycle saddle?

To adjust the height of the saddle, loosen the bolt that compresses the seat tube using an Allen key. Adjust the seatpost to the desired height, but do not tighten too much as this may damage or deform the seat tube.

What is the Angle of the Bike Seat?

According to experts, the adjustment of the seat tilt, also known as the fore-and-aft adjustment of the seat, is one of the most crucial settings as it affects both performance and comfort. To ensure a proper adjustment, it is recommended to use a measuring tool that can determine the horizontality of the seat. Adjusting the angle of the seat is a straightforward process. Simply place a bubble level on the seat surface and adjust the position until the bubble is in the middle, indicating that the seat is entirely flat.

What is the Optimal Distance Between the Bike Handlebar and the Saddle?

Once you have calculated the correct seat height and fore/aft adjustment, the next step is determining the optimal distance between the saddle’s tip and the bicycle handlebar. Typically, the distance should be between 50 to 60 centimeters. Although the correct distance varies from person to person, there are tables available with reference values. To determine the distance, it is essential to consider the saddle height and the type of power used. These factors affect the determination of the optimal distance.

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