Best Cheap MTB Pedals of 2024

best cheap mountain bike pedals

To have a smooth ride while mountain biking, it’s crucial to use the best mountain bike pedals. They provide the necessary confidence to pedal and enjoy the great outdoors, whether you’re exercising or just exploring your neighborhood streets with friends.

If we want our bikes to function optimally and provide us with support on rough terrain, it’s important to maintain high-quality accessories like these pedals. They are designed for durability and built to withstand the rigors of time, with great strength in resisting environmental agents such as dust, rain, or mud due to their sturdy construction.

If you’re wondering which pedals are best for mountain biking, we’ve compiled a list of some excellent models. These pedals are among the most important components of your bike, as they determine how active it will feel when walking and pedaling with them in use. These types of pedals ensure that no matter where you need to go or what kind of terrain lies ahead, your bike is ready for the challenge.


Our list guarantees that you’ll find the perfect item for your needs. We’ve included a range of options, from best-selling and budget-friendly models to high-end products with top ratings on popular websites like Amazon. With our selection, you’re sure to succeed in finding what you’re looking for.

SHIMANO Clipless MTB Bike Pedals

SHIMANO Clipless
Color: White
Material: Alloy Steel, Metal
Weight: 380 Grams
SHIMANO Mountain Pedals

Color: Black
Material: Chromoly
Weight: 99 Grams
SHIMANO Dual Platform Pedal

SHIMANO Dual Platform
Color: White
Material: Alloy Steel, Metal
Weight: 500 Grams

Color: Black/Silver
Material: Chromoly/Resin
Weight: 700 Grams
Alston Pedals

Color: Black-White
Material: Metal
Weight: 280 Grams

SHIMANO Clipless MTB Bike Pedals

This pedal kit is the perfect addition to your bike, with a basic design that ensures a seamless fit. Made by Shimano, these pedals use the latest generation materials and technology, making them ideal for mountain biking. They offer a lightweight design and a stable support surface for optimal performance.

SHIMANO Clipless MTB Bike Pedals

These mountain bike pedals have a compact body and open anchor, allowing for easy and straightforward maneuvers. They feature an open link mechanism that enhances your ability to slide in muddy conditions, reducing the likelihood of unexpected falls or movements.

The pedals also have a sealed shaft that repels direct contact with water and mud, providing smooth action and long-lasting durability. They are fully adjustable with spring tension for added safety when biking on rough mountain terrain, so you can pedal without worrying about injury.


It allows adapting to different mountain bikes
It has a compact size and is very light, which provides absolute comfort
It is resistant to mud and water
It is excellent for mountain biking and mountain biking
It allows having an adjustable spring tension
It is designed with an open anchor body for easy maneuvering


It has no size variation. Therefore, its size is unique
It is designed for adults only

SHIMANO Mountain Pedals

This Shimano pedal model is a versatile option that offers excellent utility. Its plastic casing ensures durability and long-lasting resistance over time, while its structure and design provide excellent stability and control for various movements.

SHIMANO Mountain Pedals

The pedal’s casing also offers good shock protection, preventing it from being easily broken. It’s fully coated and reinforced to withstand rough pedaling in extreme and challenging terrain, ensuring that your bike stays in optimal operation at all times.

This mountain bike pedal comes in black and white, allowing you to choose the color that best suits your bike. Its installation is straightforward and it has an ideal size for comfortable foot placement.

The pedal provides a large support surface and has anti-slip properties to reduce the risk of falls when making sharp turns or extreme slides.


You have the ability to select two colors from the market
It has a casing with abundant and great resistance
It has the ability to provide great installation convenience
It is waterproof
It is designed to be very easy to clean
Possesses the ability to be repellent to mud


It has only one design for adults

SHIMANO Dual Platform Pedal

The Shimano M324 is an efficient solution that you’ve been looking for. It’s an adaptable platform that accommodates different foot sizes, providing a comfortable support surface with ideal firmness that reduces the risk of falls or detachments.

SHIMANO Dual Platform Pedal

These mountain bike pedals are made of aluminum, making them a versatile SPD pedal that is ideal for daily use. The M324 combines the effectiveness of SPD pedals with the convenience of a platform design.

The pedal includes a fully adjustable anchor and release tension level, as well as a sealing mechanism that makes it practical to use. An optional cleat enhances grip precision, and the pedal is easy to install and adapt to different bike types.

The design includes a watertight mechanism and durable cone bearings that resist wear and tear. Additionally, the cleat tension can be adjusted to provide better support and a secure pedal stroke.


The model has provided ease of adjustment
It is very light and compact to have it mounted on your bike
It has firmness against loads that are varied and extensive
It has a size that is adequate to provide adequate comfort to the foot
It is very easy to install
It gives the stability and support to avoid falls or collapses of the bicycle


They are designs that are not in the market available for children


This Shimano pedal is a high-quality product that comes in a variety of colors and is designed for durability. It is a one-size-fits-all model that can be used on most bikes.


The pedal has a versatile platform that is suitable for many different types of cycling, and a “pop-up” mechanism that makes it easy to attach and detach. It also features large resin boxes that can withstand high impacts.

This pedal is perfect for mountain biking because it is water-resistant and mud-resistant, ensuring that it lasts longer. It is lightweight and does not add extra weight to the bike, and it stays securely on the axis during use.

The design of this pedal includes a chrome alloy shaft and a cartridge shaft with sealed bearings that require minimal maintenance. It also comes with anchor tension and adjustable cleats, as well as an adjustable release.


It adapts to diverse and varied types of cycling
It includes cleats for better grip on the bike
It has bearings that are sealed
Provides extensive impact performance
The force of the springs is adjustable
They provide a good platform that gives security in areas that are difficult and you can pedal with great comfort


The SPD clip-in is too loose and needs a lot of side movement


This is a Morza pedal that offers riders comfort and stability, ensuring safety while biking. It is versatile and can be adapted to various bike types, including those for children and adults.

Alston Pedals

The pedal adapter can be adjusted to fit any bike crank, providing convenience and peace of mind. This mountain bike pedal is specifically designed for off-road riding through mud and water, offering exceptional strength and durability.

With this pedal, bikers can confidently explore extreme terrains without worrying about falls or unfavorable circumstances. It is the perfect addition for those looking to enhance their biking experience and feel secure while riding.


They are easy to position and install
They have a good fixation on the foot, which provides you comfort and stability
It can be adapted to different types of bicycles
It adjusts to all types of a bicycle crank
You can pedal in an extreme way


The size for many becomes small as a child

The buying guide on the best Mountain Bike Pedals

If you’re looking for the best mountain bike pedals available, it’s important to understand their features, models, and related details. Here are some key characteristics to consider:

Pedal Size

One of the most important things to look for in a pedal is the size. It needs to be wide enough to provide a good foothold and avoid discomfort while cycling. This ensures confidence and stability even in extreme and intense rides.


The materials used in the pedal’s construction should be resistant to constant friction and impact. They should also be lightweight to avoid overloading the bike. Using durable materials helps ensure that the bike operates properly over time.


The structure of the pedal should provide both stability and durability. Closed casings that prevent mud accumulation are ideal. The right structure ensures firmness and reliability on any route.


It’s best to choose a versatile pedal that includes an adapter for different types of cranks. Understanding the installation process and equipment is important to make the process more practical and efficient. This helps save time and avoid any potential discomfort during the process.

best flat pedals for mountain bike


To optimize the use of your mountain bike pedals, it is important to follow some guidelines that will help you keep them in good condition for a longer time. Here are some recommendations:

Ensure proper binding: It is important to ensure that the binding is compact and complete during installation to avoid unexpected detachments while pedaling. Do a small test after installation to confirm that the binding is done correctly.

Adjust the axle: Make sure that the axle is fully seated to prevent subsequent falls. After installation, ensure that everything is fitted and fully operational.

Clean the pedals regularly: Regular cleaning after each ride will help ensure greater durability of the product. Although many products have firmness and resistance to weather conditions, periodic cleaning is recommended to ensure optimal performance on each ride.

best bike pedals


There are numerous brands offering mountain bike pedals in the market. To make your search easier, we have compiled information on some of the best brands with their differences listed below:


This is a well-known brand in the biking industry and one of the top options you can consider without any worries. It is a pioneering brand that has introduced many models and technologies for mountain bike pedals. Shimano offers high-quality materials and designs that cater to all preferences.


This brand has also dedicated itself to manufacturing durable mountain bike pedals. It has a vast range of bike products that fulfill all requirements. You can feel confident and satisfied when buying accessories for your mountain bike from Alston.


Finally, we have Forize, another brand that offers a wide variety of high-end models in the market. It is a trusted brand that provides confidence when adding new pedals to your bike.

best budget bike pedals


To conclude, we believe that when you have a passion for something, you should always strive to give your best effort. This holds true for the sport of cycling as well. Many enthusiasts prefer to equip their bikes with the latest and greatest accessories to improve stability and performance while riding.

Mountain bike pedals are an essential accessory that needs to be in top shape to ensure a smooth pedaling experience. We understand that finding the right model can be a time-consuming process, but on our page, you can always find the best information and products available. So, there’s no need to worry. What are you waiting for?


What are MTB Pedals?

Mountain bike pedals are an essential component that efficiently transmits the power of your legs and provides stability while riding on uneven terrains. Choosing the right pedal model depends on your riding style, terrain, weight, aesthetics, and budget.

What’s the difference between Road and MTB Pedals?

Road cycling pedals are bigger and stiffer than MTB pedals to provide more contact and support surface for maximum power transfer. A cleat in the shoe connects to the pedal to anchor it in place.

How much do Shimano Pedals weigh?

Shimano pedals typically weigh around 202 g per pedal (404 g total), while Shimano XT pedals weigh approximately 171 g per pedal (342 g total).

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