Best Electric Scooter Under 400 Dollars of 2024

Best Cheap Electric Scooter for Adults and Kids

Are you looking for an eco-friendly, safe, and fun mode of transportation without breaking the bank? Then, a cheap electric scooter may be just what you need! Whether you need to get to work, navigate your city, or simply have some fun, electric scooters are an excellent choice.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 7 best budget electric scooters for you to consider. Get ready to embark on a smooth and affordable journey with one of these amazing scooters.

Check out the top 7 cheap electric scooters for adults and kids below!


Do you want to find the perfect urban scooter that meets your needs? Use this quick guide to jump right into learning about the specific model that interests you. Alternatively, you can first review the comparison table to see the differences and similarities between the different models.

Make the best choice for your commuting needs with this comprehensive guide!

Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter

Gotrax XR Elite
Color: Black
Age Range: Adult
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Item Weight: 14.5 Kilograms
Handlebar: Adjustable
Wheel: Rubber
Frame: Aluminum
MEGAWHEELS S1 Electric Scooter

M Megawheels S1
Color: Black
Age Range: Youth
Capacity: 198 Pounds
Item Weight: 14.5 Kilograms
Handlebar: Adjustable
Wheel: Aluminum
Frame: Aluminum-carbon-fiber
Swagtron SG-5 Commuter Electric Scooter

Swagtron SG-5
Color: Black
Age Range: 12+ Years
Capacity: 320 Pounds
Item Weight: 12 Kilograms
Handlebar: Not Adjustable
Wheel: Rubber
Frame: Aluminum
Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 Lite
Color: Black
Age Range: Adult
Capacity: 180 Pounds
Item Weight: 9.95 Kilograms
Handlebar: Not Adjustable
Wheel: Aluminum
Frame: Aluminum
LOANBR Electric Scooter

Color: Black
Age Range: Adult
Capacity: 265 Pounds
Item Weight: 11.11 Kilograms
Handlebar: Not Adjustable
Wheel: Rubber
Frame: Aluminum
Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Kick Scooter

Segway Ninebot ES1L
Color: Dark Grey
Age Range: Adult
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Item Weight: 11.29 Kilograms
Handlebar: Adjustable
Wheel: Aluminum
Frame: Aluminum
Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2
Color: Black
Age Range: Adult
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Item Weight: 13.38 Kilograms
Handlebar: Not Adjustable
Wheel: Rubber
Frame: Aluminum

Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter

The Gotrax XR Elite: An Affordable Option for Lightweight Users

The Gotrax XR Elite is a top choice for budget-conscious consumers who don’t require a long battery life. This entry-level model from Gotrax is ideal for those of medium-light weight or those who don’t travel far on their scooter.

Gotrax Electric Scooter XR Elite

With a maximum speed of 25 km/h, this scooter is perfect for city commuting. It also offers three driving modes, including a 5 km/h speed setting for pedestrian areas. However, it is best suited for flat surfaces, as steep inclines can slow down the speed and cause the scooter to stop.

The battery provides a range of 30 km and takes 4 hours to fully charge. It’s worth noting that this scooter may not be ideal for heavy individuals, as it could reduce its autonomy. The XR Elite is equipped with 8.5” pneumatic wheels that can handle dirt and gravel roads, making it more durable and puncture-resistant than previous Gotrax models.

This scooter features a double braking system, including a mechanical drum for the front wheel and an electric disc for the rear wheel. The regenerative braking system also helps increase the battery life with each use.

For added safety, the XR Elite features front and rear lights, as well as front, side, and rear reflectors for nighttime visibility. It is also resistant to water and dust, making it a practical and durable option for urban commuters.


Suitable for driving through pedestrian areas
It has regenerative braking that charges the battery
Resistance to dust and water
You can drive at night


Its autonomy does not give to make medium-long routes
The handlebar is not adjustable in height

M Megawheels S1 Electric Scooter

The M Megawheels S1: A Compact and Lightweight Scooter for Convenient Transport

The M Megawheels S1 scooter is the perfect solution for those who need to combine different modes of transport. Its compact design and lightweight of just 7.8 kg make it easy to carry on buses, subways, or in cars.

MEGAWHEELS S1 Electric Scooter

The adjustable handlebar makes it suitable for both adults and young people, and its compact size makes it easy to store in an office or classroom. The battery provides a range of 8-12 km and takes only 2-3 hours to charge, making it a convenient option for short trips. It can also be used as a traditional scooter.

The manufacturer claims a maximum speed of 23 km/h, although users report reaching a maximum speed of 19 km/h, which is suitable for city commuting. The front wheel is 6” with suspension, making it more comfortable to ride over uneven terrain, while the rear wheel is 5.5” and made of solid rubber, eliminating the risk of punctures.

Additionally, the scooter features a rear brake light and a double braking system with an electric brake for the front wheel and a friction brake for the rear wheel. These safety features make the M Megawheels S1 an excellent option for those seeking a compact, lightweight, and convenient electric scooter.


Very light and easy to transport
For adults and youth
Height adjustable handlebar
It works in non-electric mode


Not very powerful if you weigh a lot or have to do long distances
It does not have a front panel

Swagtron SG-5 Electric Scooter

The Swagtron SG-5 electric scooter is a great option for those looking for a cheap but durable scooter. This scooter can support weight up to 130 kg and has a strong aluminum frame, but still lightweight at 13 kg, making it easy to transport.

Swagtron SG-5 Commuter Electric Scooter

With a 300W motor, this scooter can reach a top speed of 27 km/h, perfect for urban use. It also features cruise control to maintain a constant speed without the need to continuously accelerate.

The scooter has a range of 25 km as stated by the manufacturer, but this may vary depending on the weight of the rider, road conditions, and weather. It takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery.

This scooter has 8.5” puncture-resistant tires that can handle irregular roads like cobblestones and potholes, making it comfortable to drive. It also has a double braking system with regenerative braking that recharges the battery with each use. It has front and rear lights for nighttime use.

This scooter has a quick and simple folding system, taking only 1 minute to fold. When folded, it measures 106 x 44 x 48 cm, making it easy to carry on public transport or in a car trunk.

Finally, this scooter has Bluetooth connectivity and an app to connect to your mobile device. You can monitor your trips, lock it, or adjust the cruising speed using the app.


Robust construction materials
Large flat tires
Maximum load of 130 kg
Protection against splashes of water
With BlueTooth and mobile app connection
Very quick and easy folding


The handlebar is not adjustable in height
Somewhat long charging time (4-6 h)

Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter

The Hiboy S2 Lite is a budget-friendly electric scooter designed for light adults or teenagers looking for a lightweight and manageable option. Weighing only 9.5 kg, this electric scooter is ideal for combining with other means of transportation or for carrying by hand. However, it has a weight limit of 80 kg.

Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter

It is equipped with a 250W motor that allows it to reach a maximum speed of 21 km/h, suitable for city driving. It also has cruise control, allowing for a comfortable ride at a constant speed. The scooter has a range of about 17 km, designed for short journeys, and has two driving modes – eco-mode for battery saving and sport mode for maximum speed.

The wheels are small, 6.5 inches, and made of solid rubber, avoiding punctures. However, they do not have suspension, making road imperfections more noticeable when driving on uneven surfaces.

In terms of safety, this scooter has a double braking system consisting of a front electric brake and a rear mechanical brake. It also has powerful lights, making it ideal for low light conditions.

The handlebar height cannot be adjusted, so it may be too small for people taller than 165 cm. Additionally, the after-sales service is efficient and attentive, making it a great choice for electric scooter enthusiasts.


Very light (9.5 kg) and manageable
Ideal for short trips
Incorporates cruising speed
Solid wheels to avoid punctures
Powerful lights to circulate at night
Fast and attentive after-sales service


Small wheels and without suspensions
No acceleration from scratch
It only supports up to 80 kg of weight
Not recommended for people who are taller than 165 cm

LOANBR Electric Scooter

The LOANBR Electric Scooter is the most budget-friendly option with Bluetooth connectivity. It is suitable for those living in flat areas and for short-distance travel. This scooter boasts a sleek and sturdy foldable design, weighing 18 kg, making it difficult to carry on your back.

LOANBR Electric Scooter

The LOANBR scooter is equipped with a 350 W motor and has the capacity to reach a maximum power of 500 W for climbing hills. However, users have reported that the battery drains quickly when climbing hills, reducing the scooter’s autonomy. Therefore, it’s recommended to use it in flat areas.

This electric scooter can reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h with 3 driving modes (ECO, Comfort, Sport) and cruise control. Safety features include a triple braking system and front, rear, and brake lights.

The removable battery provides a range of 27 km according to the manufacturer, however, the range may vary depending on the weight of the driver, driving mode, speed, road conditions, etc.

The 8.5″ airless rubber tires are puncture-proof, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride while absorbing vibrations. The handlebar displays speed and battery life, as well as alerts you when the battery is low. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can link the scooter to your mobile device via the App and monitor your trips and make changes to the settings.


Robust, foldable, and slack-free design
Puncture-resistant tires
Removable and interchangeable battery with a second battery to increase its autonomy
You can drive at night
Good connectivity and mobile app connection


It is difficult to climb slopes
Handlebar height is not adjustable

Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Kick Scooter

The Segway Ninebot ES1L electric scooter is the perfect option for urban dwellers and young adults who are seeking a cost-effective scooter for short trips. With a 20 km range, this scooter is suitable for everyday use.

Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Kick Scooter

Featuring three-speed modes (10, 15, and 20 km/h), you can easily adjust the speed to your preference. The cruise control feature enables you to maintain a constant speed, making your rides more comfortable and relaxed.

The rigid wheels provide a stable and smooth ride and are designed to absorb bumps and vibrations. The handlebar is adjustable and the scooter comes with an intuitive display that shows speed and battery level, making it easier to keep track of your ride.

In terms of safety, the Segway Ninebot ES1L scooter is equipped with two brakes – a mechanical disc brake at the rear and an E-ABS brake at the front. The front light provides visibility at night, however, it may not be as powerful as some users may want.

This scooter is also designed for easy folding and portability, with a compact size (108 x 41 cm) and a lightweight of 12.5 kg. The handlebar grips can be removed for easy storage in your car trunk or for combining with other forms of transportation.


Good price
Very intuitive handling
Puncture-resistant wheels
Takes up little space
Handlebar is adjustable


Low power front light
The electric brake is quite abrupt

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

The Hiboy S2 is one of the latest and highly reviewed cheap electric scooters on the market. With an impressive range of up to 30 km, it is perfect for those who need to travel long distances. This scooter has a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and comes with a convenient cruise control feature to allow you to maintain a constant speed without constantly pressing the throttle.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

It can handle hills with ease, with its speed on slopes dependent on your weight. As an example, it can climb hills at a speed of 10-15 km with a weight of 80 kg and supports up to 120 kg. The wheels are 8.5” solid, so there is no need to worry about punctures, and the rear wheel has suspension, making it easy to absorb road irregularities.

The acceleration and braking systems are smooth, making it easy to control the scooter, and the regenerative braking system recharges the battery with each braking, giving it a little extra range. The front light is powerful and it also has a rear brake light, making it suitable for night use.

The scooter has a front panel that displays the speed and remaining battery at all times, and it also comes with a mobile application to help you manage your scooter. With the app, you can control the cruising speed, see trip statistics, and even lock the scooter. Additionally, the Hiboy S2 has excellent customer service, ensuring that you are well supported if any problems arise.


Very complete in terms of benefits
Silent when driving
Climb hills
It has regenerative braking
You can drive at night
Mobile app connection


The handlebar is not adjustable in height

Buying guide to choosing the best BUDGET electric scooter

Looking for a budget-friendly electric scooter but not sure what to look for? This buying guide will help you understand the key features to consider before making a purchase. Read on to find out more!

adult electric scooter


Before purchasing an affordable electric scooter, consider the following features:

Handlebar height: Ensure that the height of the handlebar is suitable for you, especially if you are tall. Some scooters offer adjustable handlebar height.
Saddle height: If you plan to sit on the scooter, make sure the saddle height is appropriate for you. Some models have adjustable saddle height.
Folding mechanism: Consider a simple folding mechanism for ease of storage, especially if you need to fold and unfold the scooter frequently.
Folded dimensions: Check that the folded scooter will fit in your desired storage spaces, such as the trunk of a car, train seats, or office.
Weight: The weight of the scooter will be an important factor if you need to carry it by hand frequently. Choose a lightweight scooter that is manageable for you.


The power of the electric scooter is crucial if you need it to handle hills. The more powerful the scooter, the better it will handle slopes. It is recommended to look for a scooter with a minimum power of 300W for optimal hill climbing performance.


When considering the autonomy of an electric scooter, it’s important to keep in mind that the range advertised by the manufacturer may not reflect real-world conditions. Factors such as the weight of the rider, the speed of the scooter, terrain, weather, and other variables can all impact the scooter’s range.

If you plan on making longer trips, it may be wise to opt for a scooter with a higher range to ensure that you won’t run out of power. Some scooters offer the option to add a second battery or have a removable battery for extended range. An example of this is the Segway Ninebot ES1.

cheap scooters for adults


The charging time of an electric scooter is directly related to the size of its battery. Generally, scooters with larger batteries will have a longer charging time, while those with smaller batteries will have a shorter charging time. On average, electric scooters can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours to fully charge, depending on the battery size and charging technology used.


When selecting a scooter, it is crucial to consider both your weight and the weight capacity of the scooter to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. If you weigh 90 kg, it is recommended to avoid scooters like the M Megawheels S1, which has a maximum weight capacity of 75 kg. On the other hand, if you weigh around 60 kg, a scooter with a higher weight capacity of up to 120 kg may be too heavy to carry when folded.


Scooters come in two types of wheels: solid and pneumatic. Solid wheels are durable and do not deflate or puncture, but road imperfections can be more noticeable. Pneumatic wheels provide better grip and make rough roads less noticeable, but they are more prone to punctures and can be challenging to replace.

Another important aspect to consider is the presence of suspensions, which can improve the smoothness and comfort of the ride. If you choose a scooter with solid wheels, it is recommended to look for one that has suspensions, at least in the front wheel.


Ensuring maximum safety while riding a scooter requires careful consideration of the braking system, especially if you are opting for a more powerful model. The majority of scooters have brakes on both wheels, while basic models typically only have a rear wheel brake.

It can be beneficial to look for a scooter with a regenerative braking system, as it recharges the battery each time you brake, providing increased autonomy.

best electric scooter for adults


Driving a scooter at night requires adequate lighting. Some scooters only come equipped with a rear light, while others only have a front light, and there are also scooters that have both front and rear lights.

If you prefer a scooter that only has a rear light, you can easily purchase a front light from a sporting goods store to increase visibility while riding at night.


The IP protection degree indicates a scooter’s resistance to dust and water. It is represented by two numbers: the first represents resistance to dust, and the second represents resistance to water. A higher number indicates greater resistance.

Not all electric scooters have an IP protection degree, so if you plan on using your scooter on rough terrain or in rainy conditions, it is advisable to choose a model with sufficient resistance.

Typically, scooters with protection have an IP54 rating, which means they are well-protected against dust and light rain.


Most scooters come with a display on the handlebars that shows information such as the current speed and battery level. Some models also provide additional details such as the distance traveled during a trip, the total distance traveled, and alerts for potential malfunctions.

cheapest 30 mph electric scooter


Scooters with Bluetooth connectivity allow for seamless integration with your mobile device through a dedicated app. This feature enables you to customize various scooter settings, such as locking the scooter for security purposes, defining the cruising speed, adjusting the braking force, and more. Additionally, the app provides an easy-to-use interface for tracking and viewing all your scooter performance statistics.


If you’re on a tight budget, you can still enjoy the convenience of an electric scooter for your daily commuting needs. An affordable electric scooter provides enough power and speed to cover medium-range trips within the city.

However, if you require additional power due to hilly terrain, increased weight, or longer commutes, it might be worth investing in a higher-end scooter. These scooters typically offer more power and longer battery life, which come with a higher price tag. The key factors that differentiate scooters in terms of price are their power output and battery capacity.


Amazon is a great place to find fantastic deals and discounts, especially during special sales events. You may even find better offers on Amazon compared to the manufacturer’s online store.

Additionally, Amazon’s hassle-free return policy provides peace of mind, as you can easily return your purchase if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Best Cheap Electric Scooter for kids


In conclusion, the ideal electric scooter for you will depend on your intended usage. For long-distance travel, consider scooters with good battery life or the option of adding a second battery. If you live in a hilly area, look for a scooter with sufficient power to tackle the slopes. If you are a heavier individual, ensure the scooter can accommodate your weight. If you plan to use the scooter at night, make sure it has adequate lighting. Consider all of your needs and preferences when choosing an electric scooter.

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