MegaWheels S1 Electric Scooter Review

megawheels s1 electric scooter review

Looking for an affordable electric scooter? If you’re in need of alternative transportation or simply want to stay stylish, you don’t have to break the bank to find a quality electric scooter. The M Megawheels S1 is a great option for those with basic needs or who are looking for occasional use or fun with the kids.

The main benefit of the M Megawheels S1 is its lightweight design. Many electric scooters are built for solo use, but the M Megawheels S1 is easy to fold and transport on the bus or subway with ease. It’s also one of the best budget electric scooters on the market.

The M Megawheels S1 is also compact and easy to maneuver. You can easily store it under a chair or in the trunk of your car, carry it up stairs, or take it with you folded from one place to another, such as from the office to university.


Maximum speed:19km/h
Autonomy:8 – 12 km
Charging time:2 – 3 hours
Recommended maximum weight:75 kg
Wheels:solid 6” and 5.5”
Brake:Electric for the front wheel and friction on the rear wheel
Handlebar:Height adjustable
Folded dimensions:81 x 42 x 29 cm
MEGAWHEELS S1 Electric Scooter 1


It is priced at less than $250
Lightweight, very easy to transport
Adjustable handlebar height
It works perfectly in non-electric mode
For adults and children


Not very powerful if you weigh a lot or have to do long distances
It does not have water resistance, so it is not recommended to use it if it rains
It only has a rear light


The M Megawheels S1 electric scooter is equipped with 250W of power, enabling riders to reach speeds of approximately 19 km/h and tackle inclines up to 15º.

Maximum speed

According to manufacturer specifications, the M Megawheels S1 electric scooter has a maximum speed of 23 km/h. However, real-world usage has shown that it typically reaches speeds of 17-19 km/h.


The M Megawheels S1 electric scooter has an estimated range of 8-12 km, which may vary based on factors such as the rider’s weight, the slope of the terrain, speed, and wind conditions. The remaining battery is displayed using 5 LED lights on the side of the base.

Loading time

The M Megawheels S1 electric scooter can be fully charged within 2-3 hours. With such a short charging time, you can easily make a trip, charge the scooter on-the-go, and return back. Additionally, it has a manual mode, so running out of battery is not an issue.

Recommended maximum weight

According to the manufacturer, the M Megawheels S1 electric scooter is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 68 kg. However, users have reported that it can accommodate up to 75 kg. Although the scooter is sturdy, it may not perform well when climbing slopes if you weigh more than 75 kg, therefore it may not be suitable for individuals above that weight limit.

MEGAWHEELS S1 Kids Electric Scooter Review


The front wheel of the M Megawheels S1 electric scooter measures 6 inches while the rear wheel measures 5.5 inches. The wheels are made of solid rubber, making them puncture-proof. However, the solid nature of the wheels may result in more noticeable vibrations on the handlebar when traveling on bumpy roads. To improve the smoothness of the ride, the scooter has shock absorbers built into the front wheel.


Dual braking system

The M Megawheels S1 features two braking systems: a handlebar-activated electric motor brake and a foot-operated rear wheel friction brake.


The M Megawheels S1 is equipped with an LED light at the back. However, it does not have a front light, so if you plan to use it during nighttime hours, you will need to purchase an additional light source.


Color: Available in various colors
Extended dimensions: 90 x 42 x (76-97) cm
Folded dimensions: 81 x 42 x 29 cm
Weight: 7.8 kg
Height: Adjustable handlebar to 3 heights

Reviews of the M Megawheels S1

I believe the M Megawheels S1 electric scooter is an excellent value for its price and I would highly recommend it for those seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to commuting during busy rush hours.
I am a 60 kg woman who uses the scooter for my daily 4 km round trip to work and after a month of usage, it has met my expectations overall. The scooter was initially intended as a gift for my 10-year-old daughter but is now utilized by the whole family. It functions well with my daughter’s weight, accelerates and brakes effectively, but it is lacking a front light, which is not included but is highly recommended.
However, there is a steep portion of my route where the scooter struggles to climb, and I have to assist with my feet for the final meters. Additionally, the small wheels can make it difficult to tackle high curbs and the solid rubber does not absorb road vibrations as well, leading to a bit of rattling.
I am 177 cm tall and weigh 79 kg. When the scooter only has 2 battery bars left, it can hardly keep up with me.
S1 Electric Scooter review

Is the M Megawheels S1 for me?

The M Megawheels S1 electric scooter is perfect for urban commuting, especially when traveling short distances. It is easy to carry, which makes it ideal for combining with other modes of transportation such as trains, buses, or cars. You can even take it to dinner or the movies as it is manageable and can be stored in small spaces.

This electric scooter is suitable for recreational use and has an adjustable handlebar height, making it an excellent choice for kids looking for their first electric scooter experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the M Megawheels S1 and other electric scooters available on the market, be sure to check out our guide on the best electric scooters, which includes more information to help you choose the right scooter for your needs.

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