Teamgee H20 Electric Skateboard Review

teamgee h20 review

The Teamgee H20 e-skateboard boasts a comfortable and user-friendly design that’s easy to maneuver. With its quick acceleration speed and optimal balance between speed and stability, riders can enjoy a smooth and seamless ride.

Featuring dual hub motors, this electric skateboard is dependable and can be used on any road surface. It’s a suitable mode of transportation whether you’re cruising through the city or exploring the countryside. Measuring at 99.1cm in length, this longboard is also easy to transport by hand and can be conveniently paired with other forms of transportation, like public transit.


The Teamgee H20 electric skateboard comes equipped with a sturdy aluminum alloy casing that’s custom-fitted to provide optimal protection for its battery and motherboard. Its 90 x 54mm polyurethane wheels ensure a smooth and stable ride.

Measuring at 965 x 230 x 15 mm, this skateboard boasts a non-slip surface with a sleek matte finish, making it both stylish and practical. Its firm structure also offers excellent grip for riders.

With a built-in locking mechanism integrated into its casing, users can rely on its safety and security during use.

teamgee h20

The H20 electric skateboard is a dependable mode of transportation for various types of journeys, with a maximum speed of 40 km/h.

It features a battery with a range of up to 30 kilometers, which requires up to 4 hours of charging time to achieve optimal performance.

Equipped with a 10S3P matrix battery comprised of 18650 cells rated at 7.5Ah, or 270Wh, this skateboard is built to withstand rigorous use and testing.


The Teamgee H20 electric skateboard is exceptionally fast and offers wireless control. Riders have the option to select from 4-speed modes by pressing the speed button, choosing between l/m/H/H+ to find the speed that’s right for them. Although the difference between H+ and H is slight, H+ offers a higher acceleration speed at start-up.

This longboard is designed for riders of all skill levels, making it an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned riders alike. Its various functionalities are easy to use, providing a pleasurable riding experience.


The H20 electric skateboard by Teamgee features 4 braking modes, offering riders the ability to select between two that meet their specific driving needs. The braking modes include B1, B2, B3, and B4, respectively ranging from slow to abrupt braking modes.

To change the brake mode, riders simply need to pull down the accelerator until it reaches the end. The process is intuitive and easy to use.


The Teamgee H20 electric skateboard boasts an impressive battery range of up to 30 kilometers. This e-board model offers exceptional performance with its sleek and minimalist design. Despite its compact size, it competes with larger models from major brands due to its many strengths.


The H20 electric skateboard by Teamgee features a sturdy deck comprised of 8 plies of Canadian maple and a fiberglass deck. The deck provides a stable and flexible platform that absorbs shocks, supporting a maximum rider weight of up to 130 kilograms. Even during long journeys, riders will enjoy a comfortable driving experience.

In addition, the skateboard’s polyurethane wheels are easily removable, allowing riders to replace them and improve performance and longevity as needed.

teamgee h20 electric skateboard review


The H20 electric skateboard by Teamgee features an advanced motorization system, equipped with dual 540W motors, providing a total power of 1080W for quick acceleration. The skateboard supports a climbing angle of up to 30 degrees, allowing riders to take it wherever they desire.

The Teamgee brand has designed this longboard as a means of transportation that offers riders exceptional gliding pleasure, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.


The H20 skateboard is designed with a high level of waterproofing, which allows riders to take it out in light showers without worry. However, it is important to note that this level of tightness does have its limits, and the skateboard should not be submerged in water as it may cause damage to the electronic components.

If the skateboard does get caught in heavy rain, it is recommended to seek shelter until the weather improves to prevent any potential damage. It’s important to remember that electric skateboarding in the rain is risky, and riders should avoid doing so to ensure their safety.

teamgee h20 reviews


The deck is a standout feature of the Teamgee H20 electric skateboard that prioritizes comfort during travel. It has a drop-down deck that allows you to stand high on the structure despite its narrower width. The deck also features a W-shaped concave for a secure grip and a flat midline that’s slightly raised to provide extra comfort for your feet. With this deck design, you won’t experience any slipping or discomfort while riding.


Teamgee has chosen a highly effective and intuitively designed remote control for the H20 electric skateboard. The remote has a quality matte finish with a sleek design and is lightweight with grooves on the sides for a good grip. This allows for fluid control and comfort.

Additionally, the remote features a screen that displays important information such as the battery level, odometer, journey time, current speed, driving mode, speed mode, reverse, and cruise control. All of these features are easily accessible and make for a great riding experience.

teamgee h20 vs h20t



4-speed modes
4 braking modes
Very well-designed design
Intuitive remote control with various functions


Hard-to-reach screws


Teamgee H20 and H20T are two high-performance electric skateboards from the Teamgee brand, with some differences despite their similar performance.

The power

The H20T is more powerful than the H20, as it has a 1200-Watt motor, whereas the H20 has a 1080-Watt motor for both engines.

The size

The H20T has better-designed wheels that are larger and more stable than those on the H20. While the H20 is an excellent choice for handling difficult terrain or slopes of up to 30 degrees, the H20T is better for more challenging terrain, but it is not an all-terrain longboard.

Both electric longboards offer excellent mobility, but their level of experience required to use them differs. The H20 is more suitable for intermediate-level riders, while the H20T is for experienced riders.

teamgee h20 battery


The Teamgee H20 Electric Skateboard is a great option for those looking for an easy-to-handle longboard that offers a comfortable grip. Despite its smaller size, it still performs very well.

It is a versatile board that is suitable for a range of journeys and can be used daily with ease. However, I recommend it for people with some experience in electric skateboarding, perhaps at an intermediate level. It will help you improve your skills and could even accompany you as you progress to a higher level. For more advanced riders, the H20T model would be a better fit.

Overall, the Teamgee H20 Electric Skateboard is an excellent choice for those looking to advance their skateboarding skills.

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