How to Choose an Electric Skateboard for Beginners?

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Are you interested in purchasing an electric skateboard but unsure of what to look for? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with all the important details to consider before buying one.

Electric skateboards, similar to electric scooters and electric bikes, are the latest urban transportation trend that is both exciting and environmentally friendly. They offer a practical and fun way to save time and money when traveling around town. Riding an electric skateboard to work provides a feeling of freedom and convenience that is hard to beat.

For snow sports enthusiasts, electric skateboards can provide a new level of adventure and possibilities for gliding. With the ability to easily adjust speeds at the touch of a button, these boards can offer an exciting new experience while still allowing for traditional skateboarding tricks.

Overall, electric skateboards are a practical and enjoyable mode of transportation that is perfect for those looking to save time and reduce their carbon footprint. So why wait? Start exploring the world of electric skateboards today!


Before purchasing an electric skateboard, it’s important to consider why you want one. There are various types of electric skateboards available, each designed for different purposes.

If you’re looking for a practical mode of transportation for urban areas or commuting to work, choose a skateboard that is compact, easy to maneuver, and doesn’t take up too much space. This will allow you to easily take public transportation without the inconvenience of a bulky skateboard.

For those seeking a thrilling ride while cruising along the beach or exploring new areas, an electric longboard is the perfect option. With its impressive speed and excellent handling, an electric longboard offers a sense of freedom unmatched by most NVEIs.

For thrill-seekers looking to conquer any terrain, an all-terrain electric skateboard is the perfect choice. With its ability to navigate through any environment, nature becomes your playground, and the possibilities for adventure are endless.

It’s important to note that there is an electric skateboard that will meet your needs and desires. Defining your expectations and choosing the right type of skateboard for your intended purpose is the first step towards a satisfying experience. So, get ready to embark on a thrilling ride with your very own electric skateboard today!

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Electric skateboards come in different types, and they can be grouped into four main categories: mini electric skateboard, classic electric skateboard, electric longboard, and all-terrain electric skateboard.

The Mini Electric Skateboard

The Mini Electric Skateboard is a compact and practical option that is easy to carry and maneuver. Despite its small size, it is just as efficient as a classic electric skateboard. It is ideal for city dwellers who prioritize convenience.

The Classic Electric Skateboard

The Classic Electric Skateboard is the most suitable type for city trips. It is lightweight and offers excellent handling and stability. It is suitable for beginners and professionals alike, providing a good foundation and a chance to rediscover the sensations of a traditional skateboard.

The Electric Longboard

The Electric Longboard is a larger version of the skateboard with bigger wheels and board, providing greater stability and a smoother ride. This type of electric skateboard is ideal for long walks along the beach and perfect for beginners.

The All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

The All-Terrain Electric Skateboard stands out from the others with its aggressive appearance and exceptional performance. It is designed for a specific clientele and has massive and notched tires that make it perfect for riding on different terrains. Its motors are more efficient than those on other electric skates, providing an exhilarating experience.


After defining your needs, it’s time to consider the technical aspects of your electric skateboard. The battery is a crucial component that determines its power and range, much like Segways and hoverboards. Lithium or Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in electric skateboards due to their superior performance compared to older lead (or SLA) batteries.

The battery’s power is measured in mAh, and a higher value means better efficiency and a higher price tag. It’s essential to find a balance that suits your needs and budget.

Some battery models can store the kinetic energy generated by your skateboard. This means that when you brake, the energy is redirected to your battery, indirectly recharging it. If you want to optimize your battery’s lifespan, make sure to choose a skateboard with this technology.

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The engine is a crucial component that works hand in hand with your skateboard’s battery to define its power. The battery stores energy, and the motor utilizes it to turn the wheels at varying speeds. Typically, a motor with a high Watt (W) rating will offer better acceleration and allow your skateboard to go faster.

Certain models come equipped with two motors, enabling independent wheel rotation. This configuration is ideal for off-road activities and can help optimize energy usage.


The controller is the device that allows you to operate your electric skateboard. Its design is crucial as it should be comfortable to hold and use.

Controllers often have different modes that let you customize your skateboard’s settings to suit your preferences and environment. With these modes, you can adjust the braking style, set a maximum speed, and even enable cruise control.

Cheaper electric skateboards may have basic controllers that only allow you to accelerate or brake, and we advise against them for longer rides. Holding down the acceleration button can be tiring and cumbersome.


When choosing an electric skateboard, the weight and dimensions of the board are important factors to consider. Your personal preferences and needs will ultimately determine what is right for you.

The weight of an electric skateboard is typically determined by the motor and battery, with materials used also playing a role. Heavier electric skateboards tend to offer better performance and stability, but can be less convenient to carry. There are, however, carrying accessories available to make transportation easier.

The dimensions of your board affect both stability and maneuverability. Larger boards offer greater stability, making them a good choice for beginners or those who prefer a more relaxed riding experience. Smaller boards are more maneuverable, but can be less stable, and are generally recommended for more experienced skateboarders.

In conclusion, when selecting an electric skateboard, it’s important to consider both weight and dimensions, and to choose a board that best meets your individual needs and preferences.

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Are you unsure about the rules for riding your electric skateboard on the road or sidewalk? Don’t worry, this section will provide you with all the necessary information on the laws governing the use of these innovative electric vehicles. The regulations for electric skateboards are the same as those for hoverboards, so keep the following points in mind:


You should ride primarily on cycle paths. If these are not available, you may ride on roads with a maximum speed limit of 50 km/h and pedestrian areas. Riding on sidewalks is prohibited unless your municipality grants an exception. We recommend that you check with your local government to obtain all the information regarding the use of your electric skateboard.

The speed limit is 25 km/h on cycle paths and roads, and 6 km/h on pedestrian areas.


Again, you should primarily use bike paths or tracks designated for non-motorized vehicle traffic (such as greenways). You may exceptionally use your electric skateboard on roads with a maximum speed limit of 80 km/h if authorized by local authorities. In this case, wearing a helmet, protective gear, and reflective clothing is mandatory to ensure visibility.

Children aged 12 and above may use an electric skateboard. Keep in mind that an electric skateboard is not a toy and poses risks. We recommend that your child first learn to skateboard to gain experience before transitioning to an electric skateboard on their 12th birthday.


Electric skateboards have a range of accessories available that can enhance your riding experience. Below are some of the best accessories that you can get for your electric skateboard:


You can transform your regular skateboard into an electric skateboard by using an electric kit. This kit is available for purchase at around $300, but it requires some DIY skills for assembly. Keep in mind that using an electric kit will modify everything except the board itself. You will have to change the trucks and wheels to withstand the new conditions of the board.


The battery is what gives your electric skateboard its autonomy. To extend the ride duration, you can take an extra battery with you. However, some skateboards do not have removable batteries, so it might be impossible to change them.


Transport bags are designed for electric longboards that can be difficult to carry by hand because of their size and weight. With a carrying bag, you can store your second battery and all your accessories and have your hands free.


Electric skateboards, like any vehicle, come with risks. It is always recommended to use protective gear while riding, such as helmets, gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads. Even though protective gear is recommended for adults, we advise children and adolescents to use all these protections.

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Are you looking to buy an electric skateboard but don’t know where to start? Here are two options for you:


Your first option is to visit a specialized store. You can try out the skateboards and get expert advice from the staff. Plus, if anything goes wrong, you can easily return the board to the store for a refund. However, keep in mind that the prices at the store might be higher than online (about 20-30%), which may not suit the budget-conscious shopper.


Online shopping has become increasingly popular and can offer great deals. But you need to be cautious, as you’re on your own when making a purchase online. To avoid scams, it’s best to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website or through secure platforms like Amazon. Make sure to do your research and read reviews from trusted sources before making a purchase.


Electric skateboards are a relatively affordable means of transportation compared to e-bikes and Segways. You can find entry-level models for around $200, which is a reasonable price for the benefits they provide.

For better performance and reliability, we suggest looking into electric skateboards priced around $500. With this investment, you’ll have peace of mind about the quality of your skateboard and get the most out of this mode of transportation.

For those passionate about skating and willing to spend more, high-end electric skateboards are available for up to $2000, including all-terrain models. At Urban Mobility, we believe that purchasing electric vehicles is a smart investment that saves money in the long run and saves valuable time while traveling.

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It’s important to note that water and electrical components don’t mix well, which is why many electric skateboards now have waterproof certifications. For example, the Skatebolt Breeze II electric skateboard has an IP67 certification, allowing it to be submerged in water up to 1m deep for 30 minutes without damage.

However, not all electric skateboards are equally waterproof, so it’s important to check the waterproof rating of your chosen product before making a purchase.

But it’s not just water resistance that’s important when using an electric skateboard in wet conditions. Remember that an electric skateboard is a vehicle and can be dangerous, especially when braking distances increase on wet surfaces. For your own safety, we strongly advise against using electric skateboards in the rain, as it could increase the risk of fire or electrocution.

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