Best Folding Bikes Under 500 Dollars of 2024

best folding bikes under 300

As pollution levels continue to rise, more people are opting to use bicycles as a means of commuting. Cycling is seen as a healthier way of traveling as it leaves individuals feeling refreshed, unlike driving or taking public transportation. However, individuals with limited space may feel restricted when it comes to owning a bike. Fortunately, there is a practical solution – a folding bicycle.

We have researched and tested several folding bike models and have compiled a list of the top options that are worth your money. If you are looking for the best folding bikes under $300, make sure to consider one of these recommended models.

Best folding bikes under $500

When it comes to purchasing a folding bike that will withstand the test of time, it’s important to consider models that are both durable and budget-friendly. We have carefully selected folding bike options that meet both of these criteria, ensuring that you invest in a high-quality product that will last for years to come. Browse our recommended models to find the best folding bike for your needs at an affordable price.

HOSOTE 26 Inch Full Suspension Folding MTB

Wheel: 26"
Style: ‎21 Speed
Suspension: Dual
Weight: 43 Pounds
Load capacity: 220 Pounds
Frame: Carbon steel

MAX4OUT Carbon Steel MTB Folding Bike

Wheel: 27.5"
Style: ‎21 Speed
Suspension: Rear
Weight: 46 Pounds
Load capacity: 330 Pounds
Frame: Carbon steel

IDS Lightweight Folding Bike

Wheel: 20"
Style: ‎6 Speed
Suspension: Dual
Weight: 42 Pounds
Load capacity: 200 Pounds
Frame: Steel

VILANO URBANA Single Speed Folding Bike

Wheel: 20"
Style: ‎1 Speed
Suspension: Rigid
Weight: 22 Pounds
Load capacity: 200 Pounds
Frame: Aluminum

COLUMBA Affordable Folding Bike

Wheel: 26"
Style: ‎18 Speed
Suspension: Dual
Weight: 34 Pounds
Load capacity: 200 Pounds
Frame: Steel

DREAMQJ Adult Folding Bicycle

Wheel: 26"
Style: 2‎1 Speed
Suspension: Dual
Weight: 40 Pounds
Load capacity: 300 Pounds
Frame: Aluminum

EUROBIKE Best Cheap Folding Bike

Wheel: 26"
Style: ‎21 Speed
Suspension: Dual
Weight: 40 Pounds
Load capacity: 300 Pounds
Frame: Steel

HOSOTE 26 Inch Full Suspension Folding MTB

Hosote’s 26-inch folding bike offers the best of both worlds for those seeking a reliable and versatile bicycle. Its high carbon steel folding frame provides strength and durability, with efficient weight distribution for easy handling on any terrain.

HOSOTE 26 Inch Full Suspension Folding MTB

Equipped with dual disc brakes and Shimano gears, this folding bike offers a smooth and adjustable ride experience, perfect for getting some exercise and exploring new routes. Its lightweight metal alloy construction also makes it easy to transport and store in small spaces.

The sleek and modern design, available in white or red, includes an adjustable saddle seat post to accommodate various riding styles and users’ comfort. Whether you’re commuting or seeking thrills on dirt trails, the Hosote 26″ full-suspension mountain bike is equipped to handle any adventure with ease and reliability. Invest in this must-have folding bike for a fun and practical ride.


The height of the saddle is adjustable by several inches making it suitable for people of different heights
This folding bike is equipped with 21 speeds that are easily adjustable via trigger shifters
The durable frame is made of high-grade, durable carbon steel with a satin finish
The bike is sturdy and reliable
The folding bike is a very affordable price for the features it offers


The bike is not so easy to assemble

MAX4OUT Carbon Steel MTB Folding Bike

Looking for a complete folding mountain bike that can handle both city streets and dirt roads? The Max4out Mountain Bike is one of the best options available. Not only does it offer a versatile riding experience, but it can also fold up for easy storage when space is limited.

MAX4OUT Carbon Steel MTB Folding Bike

This bike is lightweight and ideal for riders between 1.60 to 1.85 meters tall, weighing in at around 44 lbs. Its 26″ wheels allow for quick and efficient movement on the road, while the back and front suspension ensures a smooth ride even on bumpy terrain.

Equipped with a Shimano 21-speed derailleur, double disc brake system, and fenders, this bike offers a comfortable and ergonomic design for optimal performance. It’s perfect for those living in hilly cities or towns with access to dirt roads.

Choose from green, orange, or black color options, each with unique touches that cater to your preferences. Don’t compromise on quality or convenience – invest in the Max4out folding mountain bike for the ultimate riding experience.


This folding bike is easy to assemble and it’s very well built
The bike gives you a smooth ride with the safety of knowing that it is easy to control
It’s a great bike for the price, and it’ll get you where you need to go
This folding bike is a thing of beauty, with its elegant frame and classic style
This bike is as sturdy and durable as they come


The saddle is not perfectly steady

IDS Lightweight Folding Bike

If you’re on the hunt for a folding bike with great value, you may want to check out this model from IDS. It’s one of the best folding bikes available at an unbeatable price point, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious riders.

IDS Lightweight Folding Bike

This 20-inch wheeled steel bike weighs just 42 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to transport in your car or on public transportation. The compact size and six-speed box make it ideal for navigating urban routes, while the ability to fold it up for storage in small spaces makes it perfect for taking on buses or subways.

Despite its affordable price, this folding bike doesn’t skimp on style or performance. Its sleek design and strong steel frame and brakes provide riders with excellent control and durability.

For a competitively priced model, it’s important that the bike is equipped with robust features that incorporate the latest technology. The IDS folding bike ticks all the boxes, making it an excellent choice for those in search of quality and affordability.


It’s super easy to put together since it already comes 95% assembled
The bike is easy to fold and set up
The bike’s frame is made of sturdy metal and the welds are nicely done
This folding bike is perfect for those who want a cheaper alternative to expensive folding bikes
This bike is well made and sturdy. It’s not going to break on you, which makes it a great investment for your safety


Some users have complained that the bike pedals of this folding bike are too wide, causing it to protrude 2 inches wider

VILANO URBANA Single Speed Folding Bike

If you are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use folding bike, the Vilano Folding Bike may be the perfect choice for you! Its folding mechanism can quickly convert it from an upright riding position to a compact folded form with minimal effort, making it easy to store and transport.

VILANO URBANA Single Speed Folding Bike

Designed to provide a comfortable riding experience, this folding bike is perfect for anyone who wants to cycle without worrying about back pain. It is durable and can support riders up to 95kg in weight, with only one size to adjust for a hassle-free ride.

The Vilano folding bike is a new design that aims to make city cycling more convenient. It has no gears, with only one sprocket and chainring, providing a smooth and effortless ride.

This folding bike also comes with top-notch safety features, including responsive aluminum brakes that will ensure you come to a stop quickly and safely.

Overall, the Vilano folding bike is a great option for anyone looking for a simple, affordable, and convenient way to get around the city on two wheels.


The lightweight bike makes for an easy commute
The bike is easy to fold and unfold
This folding bike is perfect for the price. It has all of your needs in one, and it won’t break the bank
The bike is easy to assemble and looks great
The bike is shipped in a protective shipment that ensures it arrives safely


The single-speed on this machine is a little slow, but it’s adequate for most situations

COLUMBA Affordable Folding Bike

The Columba folding bike is a top choice among cycling enthusiasts who value durability and a sleek design. With its 26-inch wheels, this folding bike provides more comfort on long rides or rough terrain compared to smaller wheeled models, making it perfect for city riding or road trips on easy gravel roads.

COLUMBA Affordable Folding Bike

The clever and compact design of this folding bike allows it to fold easily for storage in your car or home, with the handlebars and pedals remaining attached for convenience. The basic components of this folding bike are in line with its affordable price, but the frame is sturdy and well-finished for long-lasting use.

This folding bike is fully equipped with an 18-speed gearbox that can be adjusted to accommodate riders of all skill levels, from beginners to pros. Get ready for your next ride with the Columba folding bike!


The folding process is quick, easy, and compact
The gear-shifting system is a dream with this vehicle, and it only gets better as you drive
The bike is well made and sturdy enough
The bike is extremely easy to assemble
It can easily fit into the trunk


The price of this bike is a bit higher than some other good folding bikes, but it’s still affordable
A few customers have complained about the front tire being too close to their pedal. It can be a little annoying when your foot touches it, so make sure you adjust accordingly, or else this could happen

DREAMQJ Adult Folding Bicycle

The DREAMQJ folding bike is a top-performing MTB that can handle any terrain with ease. Its full suspension and Shimano 21-speed transmission make it perfect for off-road adventures and mountain trails that are inaccessible to cars.

DREAMQJ Adult Folding Bicycle

This folding bike is affordable and suitable for both men and women. It comes in black or white, with blue details that make it easy to identify. Its advanced dual-disc brakes ensure perfect control and safety, even at high speeds and steep slopes. The lightweight frame and smooth riding make braking feel less intense.

Designed for adult commuters and recreational riders, the DREAMQJ folding bike features foldable pedals for easy storage in a car trunk or small space. The high-carbon steel construction keeps the bike lightweight while maintaining durability and strength.

The bike’s sleek and stylish design is eye-catching and easy to spot. For those looking for the best folding bike, the DREAMQJ has all the features you need to choose wisely.


This mountain bike weight limit of 260 pounds ensures that riders can enjoy the ride without any worries
This folding bike is a breeze to shift gears
The bike is excellent for welding technology, which makes it sturdy
The bike 26 inch 3 spoke fashion rim tire offers a more secure and comfortable ride
The bike is made easy to use with its quick fold and unfold design


The assembly directions are difficult to read and don’t provide clear instructions

EUROBIKE Best Cheap Folding Bike

The Eurobike is a great choice for those seeking a compact and durable folding bike that can handle rough terrains without compromise. This folding bike is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to carry and store, whether on public transport or in your car trunk.

EUROBIKE Best Cheap Folding Bike

The Eurobike has a sleek and modern design suitable for both men and women. It is available in two sizes, M and L, catering to different height ranges of riders.

The folding bike weighs only 40lbs, making it one of the lightest on the market. Despite the average components, the folding frame and hinge are sturdy and reliable, ensuring the bike remains stable while riding and folding.

This versatile folding bike is suitable for riding on any terrain, although the tires are more suitable for rough, hilly terrains. The Shimano 21-speed gearbox and 3 chainrings enable you to climb steep slopes with ease or pick up speed when commuting.

While fenders are not included as standard, the Eurobike offers a comfortable ride, thanks to its robust frame and suspension, making it a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient folding bike.


The bike is designed to make assembly a breeze
This folding bike is a sturdy and reliable way to get around town
The bike’s color combination is perfect
The bike rides well and it’s a nice feeling to have the weight distributed evenly throughout your body
The bike packaging is well designed to protect the product and make it look good, too


Some people have a hard time adjusting the brakes according to their needs
The bike doesn’t have a compact fold up, but it is easy enough to carry

best folding bicycles BUYING GUIDE

If you’re considering purchasing an affordable folding bike, there are important things to consider beforehand. To help you make the best decision, we’ve created a guide outlining what to keep in mind when buying a folding bike. We recommend reading through this guide to ensure a clear understanding before making your purchase.

cheap folding bikes for sale


If you’re considering purchasing a folding bike, then you’re likely aware of the benefits they offer over traditional bikes. When folded, they take up minimal space, allowing for easy storage and transport. They can be easily carried in elevators and even fit in the trunk of a car, making them a great option for commuting or vacationing.

Many people use folding bikes as an accessory to their motorhomes, while others use them to commute to work and store them conveniently. However, folding bikes do have some downsides, such as smaller wheel size and lower speeds due to the single plate used for folding.

Ultimately, whether or not a folding bike is right for you depends on your priorities. For city dwellers or frequent travelers, the advantages may outweigh the disadvantages.

Folding Way

When buying a folding bicycle, it’s crucial to consider the folding time, especially if you plan to fold and unfold it regularly.

Most folding bikes feature a central folding system with a horizontal hinge that enables the bike to tilt on a vertical axis at the center of the frame, similar to a door.

While there are various folding systems, it’s essential to evaluate the time it takes to fold the bike. Even if the process doesn’t take too long, it can be a hassle if you have to do it daily, especially if the folding mechanism is not straightforward and quick.


Having a lightweight folding bike is essential for a comfortable ride.

If you plan to carry your bike frequently or store it in your car trunk, it is best to choose a model that weighs less than 15 kg. A lighter bike will be easier to handle and transport, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


When it comes to folding bikes, they typically come with a set of sprockets that allow for different levels of pedaling resistance to be transmitted to the rear wheel.

Due to the folding mechanism, most folding bikes have a single chainring and between 5 to 7 sprockets. If you will be cycling on mostly flat routes, you’ll require less variation in sprockets and generally larger ones. However, if you plan on tackling hilly terrain, the bike should have a wider set of sprockets to make the climbs easier.

We recommend that you opt for a folding bike with a gear system from a reputable brand like Shimano, as this element can be prone to issues and requires maintenance.

best folding bike under $500
Physical Form

Folding bikes are lightweight, but they may not be ideal for rough terrain as they have a small gear range, which may require more leg power.

If you are not used to exercising and your routes involve slopes, it may be better to consider a folding electric bike, as discussed in our guide on the best folding e-bikes.

It’s also important to keep in mind the potential for sweating. The physical effort required while cycling may make you perspire, and if you’re using your bike to commute to work, this could be problematic. In this case, an electric folding bike could be a better option.


Most folding bikes come equipped with V-brakes which are caliper brakes that use rubber pads to press against the rim.

These brakes are preferred due to their cost-effectiveness and resistance to shocks, which is important for folding bikes that are often subjected to bumps during the folding process.

To ensure optimal performance, it is essential to adjust the brake tensioner correctly. When you press the brake lever, the shoes should apply adequate pressure on the rim to bring the bike to a halt. Keep in mind that braking in response to unexpected obstacles is quite common when riding in urban areas.

Wheel Diameter

Folding bikes usually have smaller wheels than traditional bicycles, with most models having wheels that do not exceed 20 inches. This is due to the need for the bike to fold, which can affect stability. While folding bikes are more maneuverable, they are less stable than regular bikes with larger wheels, which typically start at 26 inches. If you are a larger person, we recommend choosing a folding bike with more stable 20 or 24-inch wheels.


It is important to assess the quality of the components when choosing a folding bike, even if it can be difficult to determine what is appropriate.

When considering the frame and other structural parts, they are typically made of steel or aluminum in folding bikes, although high-end models may use carbon or titanium.

Steel is heavier and prone to rusting, so it is advisable to choose a bike with more aluminum structural parts. Additionally, areas such as the inside of the tubes should be regularly checked for rust.

Components such as pedals, brake levers, and pinions should ideally have few plastic parts, though it may be necessary to compromise on foldable pedals.


The price range of affordable folding bikes can vary greatly. There are decent models available for just over 100 euros, while premium brands such as Brompton can cost over 800 euros.

Our advice is to avoid spending a lot of money if you are simply looking for a reliable bike to commute to work. For around 200 euros, you can find a folding bike that meets all your requirements.

folding bike prices

Lastly, let’s discuss the maintenance needs of an affordable folding bike for urban use.

Make sure to regularly check the wheel anchoring system as it tends to loosen due to vibrations during travel. It is essential to avoid losing a wheel while riding.

Another critical aspect is to inspect the brakes and replace the rubber pads if they are heavily worn. The cable tension should also be checked.

Greasing the chain regularly will prolong its lifespan. Clean it with water to remove dust and use wax for chain lubrication.

Occasionally, lubricate the folding system and all the moving parts of the bike such as the handlebar and frame joint with 3-in-1 style oil.

It is recommended to take your bike for a general review and fine-tuning occasionally if you are not handy with maintenance. Proper maintenance will increase the lifespan of your folding bike.


How to fold a foldable bike?

Folding a bike is generally easy, but the process varies depending on the make and model. However, most have a similar mechanism. First, fold the pedals, then lower the handlebar and saddle to their minimum height and close them. Next, there should be a lever near the middle of the bike that needs to be pulled to fold the bike in half. Finally, activate the pins to prevent them from opening unexpectedly.

How to make a folding bike bag?

Folding bike bags help make transportation easier while protecting the equipment from bumps and scratches. As these bikes are popular, their accessories are also readily available at specialized cycling stores. These bags are usually designed to fit specific models and brands, and are made of durable, waterproof textile material with a zipper closure system. Some models even have handles and swivel wheels. To make your own bag, you need to have sewing knowledge and purchase the fabric. Then, take measurements of the folded bike, create a design on paper, and scale it to size.

How to make a homemade folding bike?

Bicycles require special manufacturing with industrial machines, making homemade assembly not recommended due to the risk of bad welding, which can cause accidents on the road. In the case of folding bikes, creating one at home would require modifying a conventional bike with special equipment and materials for the manufacturer to be appropriate. The structure needs to be split-fold in half and reduced in folded size.

What Weight Can a Folding Bike Hold?

Every bike, including folding bikes, has a weight capacity that varies depending on the make, size, model, and materials used in manufacturing. For example, children’s bikes can carry an average weight of 30 kilos, while an adult folding bike with 20-inch wheels can hold a maximum weight of 90 kilos. Generally, folding bikes for adults have a capacity ranging from 90 to 110 kilos approximately.

Who invented the folding bike?

The first portable bike was patented in England in 1878 by William Henry James Grout. It was initially of interest to the military industry. By 1900, a folding bike was created for the English army, with a weight of 6.8 kilos and 24-inch wheels, including a mount for a rifle. After these prototypes, folding bikes with better features were incorporated into the commercial market.

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