Best Complete Skateboards Under 100 Dollars of 2024

best skateboards under 100

Skateboarding originated in the 1960s in California, when surfers created boards to ride on land during times when there were no waves. This new hobby quickly gained popularity and by 1980, had spread throughout the United States and beyond.

Skateboarding is a versatile sport that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. For beginners who are still learning the basics, it’s recommended to purchase inexpensive, high-quality skateboards to gain proficiency. However, for experienced skaters or those seeking long-term benefits, it’s advisable to invest in higher quality boards that can last longer.

Skateboarding has evolved into a diverse sport with numerous styles, such as street and vert, making it accessible to a broad audience.

best skateboards under $100

If you’re considering buying a skateboard, don’t miss our top recommendations for the 12 best value skateboards under $100 in 2023. Our team of experts, who are knowledgeable and experienced in skateboarding, have carefully selected this list to make your decision easier. So let’s dive in and explore the options!

Ryvorbe Best Skateboard

Width: 8"
Length: 31"
Weight: 4.95 Pounds
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Wheel: 52mm

Gentle Monster Cheap Skateboard

Width: 8"
Length: 31"
Weight: 4.55 Pounds
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Wheel: 54mm

Beleev Best Skateboard

Width: 8"
Length: 31"
Weight: 4.7 Pounds
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Wheel: 55mm

METROLLER Skateboard

Width: 8"
Length: 31"
Weight: 4.9 Pounds
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Wheel: 54mm

Retrospec Quip Skateboard

Width: 6"
Length: 27"
Weight: 3.75 Pounds
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Wheel: 60mm

WhiteFang Skateboards

Width: 7.8"
Length: 31.75"
Weight: 5.06 Pounds
Capacity: 330 Pounds
Wheel: 52mm

Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard

Width: 7.75"
Length: 27.5"
Weight: 4.5 Pounds
Capacity: 200 Pounds
Wheel: 52mm

Scientoy Best Budget Skateboard

Width: 8"
Length: 31"
Weight: 4.6 Pounds
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Wheel: 55mm

KO-ON Best Beginner Skateboard

Width: 7.8"
Length: 31.75"
Weight: 5.05 Pounds
Capacity: 330 Pounds
Wheel: 52mm

Gonex 22 Inch Beginner Skateboard

Width: 6"
Length: 22"
Weight: 3.6 Pounds
Capacity: 198 Pounds
Wheel: 60mm

JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboard

Width: 8"
Length: 31"
Weight: 4.9 Pounds
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Wheel: 50mm

Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser Complete Skateboard (3)

Width: 9.75"
Length: 31"
Weight: 5.2 Pounds
Capacity: 220 Pounds
Wheel: 51mm

RYVORBE Best Cheap Complete Skateboard

Ryvorbe is a reputable brand that’s known for creating beautifully designed and user-friendly skateboards. The skateboard we received from them is lightweight yet durable, making it less prone to breaking easily.

Ryvorbe Best Skateboard

Crafted from 7-ply maple wood and aluminum, this skateboard features a sleek and stylish design that’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd. The 52mm wheels provide quick and precise handling, making it easy to perform tricks for both beginners and pros alike.

With a size of 31 x 8 x 3.8 inches, this versatile skateboard is highly portable and can be easily carried over any terrain, smooth or rough. If you’re looking for a skateboard that’s both functional and visually appealing, the Ryvorbe skateboard is an excellent choice.


The skateboard wheels spin smoothly, making it a stable ride over uneven pavement
The board came with a skate tool to tighten and loosen the skateboard trucks for turning, making it easy
The board has a smooth, flat surface perfect for riding on
Cool looks skateboard but elegant
The weight of this decent quality skateboard is perfect
Decent skateboard and awesome for the price
The board is well-balanced, and it will provide you with a smooth ride. The bearings are of high quality too
The material on top is completely slip-proof since it’s covered in sandpaper. It also makes for easy grip and an awesome ride


Some people have said that the skateboard breaks after a time of use. It depends on how you’re using it and your weight, but as long as both things are taken care of then there shouldn’t be any problems

GENTLE MONSTER Best Cheap Skateboard

If you’re in the market for an affordable skateboard, the Gentle Monster skateboard is a top contender with high-end features available at an incredibly low price point. Weighing in at only 4.88 lbs, this skateboard comes in black or white to suit your preference.

Gentle Monster Cheap Skateboard

Despite its low cost, this skateboard is built with high-quality materials and a durable design that ensures longevity. Its five-inch aluminum shafts with ABEC 7 bearings provide smooth movements, while the nine layers of Canadian maple wood in the base offer great grip tape for controlled movement on pavement surfaces.

Designed to cater to beginners and professionals alike, this skateboard can support a maximum load capacity of about 220 pounds. Its classic deck shape allows riders to develop their techniques or simply move around with ease.

If you’re interested in purchasing an affordable skateboard, be sure to consider the Gentle Monster skateboard. You can check out its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


The grip tape of the wheels is nice and ensures that you are able to navigate well at night
After several uses, the turns became more fluid
The upper surface of the board is very slip-resistant and water-resistant
Cool looks skateboard and the maple deck is sturdy enough
A good, affordable, and cheap skateboard for beginners
Decent quality skateboard wheel bearings
The packaging is done well, all around it there’s plastic wrap


The skateboard wheels are so soft you can’t maintain speed, which is perfect for those who want a softer ride

BELEEV Best Inexpensive Skateboard

If you’re in the market for a $100 skateboard but unsure which model to choose, consider taking a closer look at this particular board. It boasts an expert riding style design that’s suitable for riders of all skill levels, making it a versatile choice for maneuvering and commuting.

Beleev Best Skateboard

Built to last, this high-quality skateboard features a seven-layer Canadian maple wood base that can withstand pressure and impacts. Its high-rebound PU wheels provide added stability, while the five-inch aluminum alloy support improves roll on the board.

Available in multiple bright colors to suit different riding styles, this classic freestyle board has a length of 31 inches and a width of 8 inches, providing ample room for comfortable movement.

Remember to take your time when making a purchase and compare the features of different skateboard models before settling on one. This way, you can make an informed decision and select the best board to suit your needs.


The skateboard is very well designed and the maple deck is sturdy
The surface has great friction and the textured top surface gives extra grip
it’s portable and very lightweight
its weight capacity is 220lbs and it is fine
Decent skateboard, a reasonable price for what you’re getting
The material is great that’s why very easy to stand on, and tends not to slip off of the skateboard


Some users complain that the wheels of their skateboard do not last long and don’t turn well

METROLLER Best Affordable Skateboard

If you’re searching for a great skateboard gift for your child, consider the METROLLER skateboard. This skateboard is made from Canadian maple wood with seven layers of high density, providing both flexibility and strength.

METROLLER Skateboard

The symmetrical design of the board ensures perfect balance for the rider, while the 54mm anti-shock PU wheels allow for high-speed rides on ramps, streets, and steep roads. The stainless steel ABEC-7 bearings provide precise maneuvering, while the non-slip maple deck measures 31″ x 8″ and can support up to 220 pounds.

The skateboard comes with various street graffiti prints that perfectly match the sport’s origins. The wheels are strong and built to enhance driving comfort, with polyurethane-containing riser pads to reduce vibrations from the road. This skateboard is abrasion-resistant and built to last.


This high-quality skateboard built for beginners with its broad design is easy to use and user friendly
It gives you a stable ride on a smooth surface
Turning is very easy once you get used to it
The materials use in this board is definitely high quality
The maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs
This is a decent quality skateboard that far exceeds the price point


Despite the stiff wheels, you’ll still need to tighten them constantly
Sometimes it doesn’t brake quickly like the other skateboards


Retrospec offers a smooth-riding skateboard that is ideal for anyone looking to hit the streets. This model features 4 wheels, each with a thickness of 5.9 cm and a hardness of 83 A, ensuring a smooth ride.

Retrospec Quip Skateboard

This is one of the best skateboards on the market, designed to be both strong and durable. It can hold a maximum weight of 220 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of riders. The high-quality plastic bearings provide a solid, effortless ride while also being user-friendly.

The skateboard’s design is both practical and stylish, making it perfect for daily use or more challenging maneuvers. It comes in several colors and with different wheels, giving riders the freedom to choose a retro look that suits their style.

Before purchasing a skateboard, it’s important to consider essential factors related to this model to ensure it meets your needs and preferences.


The wheels size is great which makes the skateboard feel sturdy
Maximum weight capacity of 220lbs
Shaped skateboard decks for control during turn quicker and performing tricks
A simple design is featured on this standard skateboard. It’s user friendly and easy to use, so it makes for a great gift
Ready to ride straight from the box, a skateboard is a great mode of transportation for on-the-go teens


The color is not so cool

WHITEFANG Skateboard

WhiteFang offers an affordable standard skateboard suitable for both kids and adults. This classic and street skateboard is a great option for beginners looking to get started in the skating world. Although recommended for ages 8 and up, it can support older riders as well.

WhiteFang Skateboards

The board’s 7-layer Canadian maple wood base is 31.75″ long and 7.88″ wide, featuring 52mm polyurethane wheels with a 95A hardness and ABEC 9 bearings for expert maneuverability on sidewalks and roads.

With 8 different designs available, this high-quality skateboard is perfect for learning your first tricks or enjoying a day at the park with friends. It has a user-friendly design and excellent durability for any type of use.


The skateboard is super sturdy, which is amazing for beginners
Nice design and vibrant color
The maximum load weight of the skateboard is up to 330 pounds
The price is reasonable
The packaging is well good


The wheels are not free-spinning, making the skateboard incredibly slow to use. Some users have noted that it’s smaller than they expected for outdoor usage

MAGNETO Kids Complete Skateboard

Magneto, the American brand, offers the best skateboard for both adults and children who are already at a professional level. The Kids Complete Skateboard is perfect for beginners or experienced skaters who want to ramp, perform street tricks, or simply have a good time on a board.

Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard

This high-quality skateboard features 7 layers of Canadian maple wood, measuring 27.5″ X 7.75″. Its medium curve design has a slightly longer nose than tail. This complete set comes with high-quality skateboard bearings and 52mm wheels, making it a great skateboard for advanced riders.

The board offers unmatched quality and stability, and the wheels are very hard (98A) with ABEC 7 bearings. This complete set is suitable for riding anywhere and delivers an excellent riding experience!


The skateboard has a fun design that allows you to cruise the streets in style
The riding weight limit is 275lbs and gives you more stability
The skateboard effortlessly turns and glides, making it great for performing tricks
Great beginner standard skateboard for a good price
The skateboard is made of layered wood with decent quality grip tape for added control


The wheels of the complete skateboard do not actually line up with some customers

SCIENTOY Best Budget Skateboard

The Scientoy skateboard is one of the best options for experienced adult skateboarders. Its 9-layer Canadian maple wood is pressed with a special resin, making it lighter, stronger, and more durable than other boards.

Scientoy Best Budget Skateboard

The deck measures 31 inches in length and 8 inches in width, with a medium concavity level. The nose is 7 inches and the tail is 6.5 inches. The waterproof sandpaper provides a professional grip while remaining user-friendly.

The 55mm wheels are perfect for skate parks and halfpipes, with a hardness level of 95A and ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth and fast ride. The skateboard is available in two base sizes: 7.75 inches and 8.375 inches.

Overall, the Scientoy skateboard is a top-of-the-line product and a great choice for experienced skateboarders looking for a high-quality and durable board.


The softer wheels and the skateboard trucks are of decent quality, which means that even when you’re skating fast on this skateboard it will feel stable
Love the design of this high-quality skateboard
The perfect gift for any skateboarder, the skate tool even has a wheel adjustment
The skateboard is easy to turn and very lightweight
The skateboard is making good traction on the surface and has an anti-slip grip
The board is sturdy and reasonable in price when compared to other expensive boards at local shops


Some user is not at all happy with the speed of their skateboard, saying that he feels as though it’s going too slow and makes for an unwelcoming ride

The KO-ON skateboard is an excellent choice for beginners looking for an affordable skateboard that can handle tricks like ollies. With its sturdy Canadian maple wood and non-slip sandpaper, this board is perfect for kids aged 8 and above who want to start exploring the world of skateboarding.

KO-ON Best Beginner Skateboard

The board’s size makes it easy to control, while its maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds means that even experienced riders can use it. The complete set comes with assembled 52mm wheels made of 95A hardness chrome and ABEC 9 bearings, giving riders a smooth ride and good speed. It is recommended to tighten the bolts before use to ensure durability.

If you’re looking for a beginner skateboard that offers great value for money, the KO-ON skateboard is definitely worth considering!


The wheels of the skateboard are designed to be lubricated, so they slide smoothly on hard ground
Very pretty color and design
The skateboard is much easier to turn
The board is great and the price tag too! It’s perfect for beginners with an emphasis on affordability
The unique thing about this standard skateboard is that it doesn’t have any plastic material


The graphic is not as vibrant, but the board still looks great

GONEX Best Skateboard for Intermediate

The Gonex Skateboard is a versatile option suitable for both novice and experienced riders. Its lightweight design and high elasticity provide a comfortable ride without compromising speed. The skateboard is constructed with a combination of polypropylene, aluminum, and plastic for durability.

Gonex 22 Inch Beginner Skateboard

The skateboard’s 60 x 45 cm polyurethane wheels and ABEC-7 chrome bearings offer quick and precise direction changes at high speeds, making it ideal for performing stunts and tricks. The aluminum alloy bearings provide added precision and control during turns, ensuring a smooth ride.

This complete skateboard is easy to carry and store, thanks to its lightweight design. Its non-slip surface enhances safety when jumping, and the platform offers a good grip to prevent slipping while skating. With the Gonex Skateboard, riders can confidently practice tricks like ollies and 160s with ease.

This skateboard boasts a modern aesthetic that combines old-school style with new protective features for beginners learning to ride. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a stylish, reliable skateboard.


The skateboard looked sturdy and sturdy enough to hold the weight of an adult
The skateboard has enough grip tape to prevent slipping off
The skateboard is lightweight and well worth the price
Initially, the skateboard is not very fast. However, after using it for just a few minutes everything loosened up and you can go at your normal speed
The skateboard is built from strong, durable plastic material and comes in a nice package


It’s hard wheels and it is difficult to turn in comparison to other boards, according to a few users

JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboard

Looking for a retro skateboard that will bring endless fun and adventure to your child’s party? Look no further than JECOLOS’ Retro Hits model!

JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboard

This skateboard boasts a clean design made from 7 layers of Canadian maple wood with anti-slip material, ensuring even the most inexperienced riders feel confident. The colorful and striking finish on the lower part of the skateboard captures attention in all dimensions, with well-placed tones alongside a dark retro print chosen specifically for this model.

The bright white PVC softer wheels, or band covered in polyvinyl chloride, ensure both resistance and durability for a precise and safe ride. This high-quality board guarantees the safety of both children and adult riders alike.

Measuring at 79 cm long and 20 cm wide with an aluminum shaft, this complete skateboard prevents riders from losing their balance on gravel or hard pavement. So why wait? Get your hands on JECOLOS’ Retro Hits model and enjoy hours of fun and adventure with friends and family!


This complete skateboard is for any surface, no matter how rough it gets
In addition to being durable, the design is very cool too and at an amazing value
The skateboard max supports up to 220 lbs.
The durable frame can sustain even the heaviest of weights, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank on it
This is a budget skateboard and the price can’t be beat
The package will arrive in a timely manner and it comes with everything that you needed to fix my wheel


Some users find the skateboard trucks to be tough, with a narrow turning radius
The wheels on this skateboard are of decent quality and they don’t spin constantly

KRYPTONICS Best Budget Cruiser Skateboard

Looking for an affordable and stylish cruiser skateboard that can deliver high-quality performance? Look no further than the Kryptonics Complete Skateboard Blue Fish! This skateboard boasts a sleek and modern design that’s perfect for training, warm-up sessions, or extreme maneuvers on the pavement.

Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser Complete Skateboard (3)

Inspired by the sea and its waves, this skateboard is easy to operate with fast turns and simple movements. Its durable structure is made from 7 layers of Canadian maple wood that have been treated for optimal strength and resistance. Plus, its wide softer wheels and CX steel shaft support make it ideal for both beginners and experts.

With its adherent sanding surface and professional-grade features, the Kryptonics Complete Skateboard Blue Fish is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality cruiser skateboard at an affordable price. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the thrill of riding in style!


If you are new to the world of skateboarding, then this pre-assembled skateboard is a perfect board for beginners
The design makes it super cute and users can learn all their tricks with ease because of its wide wheels
The maximum weight capacity of the skateboard is 220 lbs.
For those on a budget, this complete skateboard is perfect
It’s durable and built to last with more stability for beginners or experts alike


Some user was not pleased with the skateboard’s performance, so they had to tighten both wheels and skateboard trucks. However, this made it rideable but doesn’t turn well

Best skateboard BUYING GUIDE

When looking to purchase a complete skateboard, it’s crucial to consider the specific skating style you’ll be using it for. Different types of boards are suited to various disciplines within the longboard skateboard world, so it’s important to select one that aligns with your preferred riding style.

In addition to this, there are other essential factors to keep in mind when searching for the best skateboard. To learn more, continue reading as we have compiled the most significant ones for you.

best skateboards for tricks



When comparing affordable skateboards, it is important to consider their class or type. There are two main categories: traditional boards, which require the user to propel them by force or impulse, and electric boards, which are propelled by a motor. There are many different models and designs available, but the price is often the biggest difference between the two.

Electric skateboards tend to be more expensive than traditional ones because they include additional components such as batteries, motors, and controllers, which increase their overall cost. These boards often feature screens or controls that allow users to monitor their activity. While electric skateboards can still be used for tricks and stunts, they also serve as a practical means of transportation for short distances, with top speeds reaching up to 35 kilometers per hour.


Skateboard designs vary in terms of deck shape and size. Some are short, while others are long. The tips of the board can also differ, with some being rounder and others coming to a point. Different designs cater to different types of skating – for instance, those who enjoy urban displacement might prefer a rounder tip, while others might prefer a sharper point.

When it comes to purchasing a skateboard, there are various options available in the market. Longboard skateboards, cruiser skateboards, free boards, and carve boards are just a few examples. In addition to choosing a design that suits your riding style, you can also opt for different colors and patterns, such as fluorescent hues or psychedelic prints.


For those seeking the freedom of movement that skateboarding provides without breaking the bank, an affordable skateboard is an excellent option. It’s important to take the weight of the board into account when making a purchase, as lighter boards offer greater versatility and speed, making them easier to carry when necessary. In summary, look for models that weigh no more than five kilos to ensure a fulfilling skating experience without feeling weighed down.


When selecting a skateboard, it’s essential to consider its load capacity, which determines how much weight it can support during pirouettes and other maneuvers. The load capacity varies by brand and model, as it’s dependent on the manufacturing materials used. Some models are capable of supporting higher weights, typically around 90-100 kilos, which is the average weight of an adult. However, it’s important to note that the pressure placed on the board during turns can be significant, so selecting a model with a higher load capacity is always a wise choice.

Manufacturing Materials 

To determine the cost of a complete skateboard, it’s crucial to consider the materials used by manufacturers. Natural wood is often the most expensive option, with maple deck boards being particularly popular and durable. Complete skateboards typically feature a thin layer of wood or plastic, with additional layers and fiberglass for reinforcement as needed. The number of layers can vary from five to seven depending on the brand. Some brands may opt for reinforced plastics instead of traditional woods, which are typically more affordable and lighter in weight.


When selecting a complete skateboard, it’s crucial to consider the surface of the board, as it can impact your skating experience. Most models feature a smooth sandpaper surface in black, which provides a stable grip and is compatible with most shoe soles. This surface allows for smooth movements without sacrificing stability.

good cheap skateboards


The Base or The Deck

Choosing the right skateboard base width is important for optimal performance. Skaters typically prefer boards with narrower widths as they offer greater control for performing tricks. On the other hand, wider decks are better suited for ramps and skate parks, as they provide more stability and speed.

For children with shoe sizes between 36 and 39, a board with a width between 7.5″ and 7.8″ is recommended. For individuals with shoe sizes between 40 and 43, a wider deck with a width between 7.6″ and 8″ is more suitable. Those with larger shoe sizes of 44 or above, or those using the skateboard on ramps, should opt for larger deck sizes of 8″ to 9″ inches.

Concavity of the nose and tail

Skateboards typically have three types of concavity levels: medium, high, and very low. The concavity level of the deck impacts its performance, with medium-level concavities being the most common and suitable for cruising. For performing tricks, decks with higher levels of concavity are preferred as they provide greater control and stability.

Axles or Skateboard Trucks

Selecting the right skateboard trucks is essential for ensuring stability and control. For novice skaters, we suggest opting for complete skateboards that come with pre-mounted trucks that match the board and wheel width.

In terms of size, consider the following recommendations:

For boards between 7.5″ and 7.8″, 5″ trucks are ideal.
For boards around 7.8″ to 8.25″, 5.25″ trucks are recommended.
For boards between 8.25″ and 8.75″, we recommend 5.5″ trucks.
For 9″ skateboard decks, 6″ trucks are the best fit.
The Wheels

Skateboard wheels are generally made of polyurethane and are divided into two categories based on their size:

50mm to 53mm: These are commonly used for street skating, performing tricks, and smaller boards that require more speed.
54mm to 60mm: These wheels are typically used in skate parks or on ramps, as they provide higher speeds with greater stability. The typical hardness of skateboard wheels is between 95A and 100A, with harder wheels offering less grip but allowing for faster speeds, while softer wheels provide better cornering ability at slower speeds.

When it comes to skateboard bearings, it’s important to consider the ABEC rating. For those who prioritize speed in skate parks and ramps, it’s recommended to choose bearings with an ABEC 7 or 9 rating. However, for those who are performing tricks in skate parks, an ABEC 3 or 5 rating would be sufficient for their practice.

best skateboard for adults


Classic skate

This skateboard is specifically created for executing tricks and stunts. Its symmetrical design makes it easy to maneuver around skate parks and other areas where it is used.

Longboard Skateboard

If you’re looking to skateboard in large open spaces, then a longboard skateboard might be the right choice for you. These high-quality boards offer excellent stability, making them perfect for cruising in open areas. Longboards come in various sizes and shapes, some with a slight incline at the nose or tail, making it easy for users to perform tricks while riding.


Cruiser skateboards combine elements of both traditional skateboards and longboards. These boards have a flat surface, but the shape can vary, with either one or both ends sloping downward similar to a surfboard’s nose.

Cruiser skateboards are perfect for those who want to learn to ride all types of boards, as they incorporate aspects of each riding style, so you won’t feel left out when others discuss their favorite type of board.


This board is distinct due to its enhanced stability and maneuverability. It consists of two wheels, one at the front and one at the back, connected by a torsion bar that divides the board into two sections.


How to choose the size of a skateboard?

To choose the right skateboard size, it’s important to consider the fit for your foot. If you have small or narrow feet (European size 35-40), it’s recommended to choose an 8-inch wide deck for better steering and control.

How much does a good skateboard cost?

Skateboarding is a popular hobby, but buying a complete skateboard can be expensive. The average price ranges from $40 to $200, with some trustworthy brands charging over $250 for their products.

What are the best skateboards for beginners?

For beginners, it’s best to choose skateboards with intermediate-level wheels rated between 90a and 97a. Smaller diameter wheels can make tricks easier by bringing the board closer to the ground, but larger wheels are still manageable for advanced riders.

Where Can You Purchase Quality Skateboards?

Amazon offers a wide range of similar products that are trustworthy and easy to purchase, making it a great option for buying skateboards.

How Do You Stop On A Skateboard?

Stopping on a skateboard can be difficult and nerve-wracking for beginners who are afraid of gaining too much speed. There are two main methods to stop a skateboard. The first and easiest is to place your foot on the ground while riding and turn your front foot parallel to the board. Then, gently press your foot against the ground to create friction and slow down. The second method is tail braking, which is more complex. To do this, you need to bring your rear foot to the end of the tail so that the heel protrudes and then forcefully hit the tail to lift the front part of the board. It is important to extend your arms for added stability.

What Is A Cruiser Skateboard?

A cruiser skateboard is similar to a longboard in terms of its size and length. These versatile boards are suitable for performing various maneuvers and are a great choice for moving around the city. Cruiser skateboards can be made of wood or plastic, with the latter being a lighter option.

How To Make A Skateboard?

To make a skateboard, you will need basic skate tools and knowledge. One of the advantages of skateboarding is that most of the parts are sold separately, allowing you to assemble a personalized board that meets your specific preferences and high-quality standards. First, you need to select the parts and then assemble them.

Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane?

Skateboards can be brought on a plane, but there are restrictions to keep in mind. Skateboards longer than 50 cm must be checked in as baggage in the hold of the plane. Skateboards that are smaller can be brought into the cabin as carry-on luggage, but it is still best to check with the airline first to ensure there are no additional restrictions or fees.

What Safety Gear Is Needed For Skateboarding?

It is recommended that all skateboarders wear safety gear such as helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, gloves, elbow pads, and skate shoes. It is also a good idea to wear long pants to reduce the risk of injury.

Which Is Better, A Freestyle Skateboard Or A Penny Board?

The choice between a freestyle skateboard and a penny board ultimately depends on personal preference and the type of skating you plan to do. Freestyle boards are typically made of wood and are designed for executing tricks. Penny boards, on the other hand, are made of plastic and are more suited for cruising around.

Which Is Better, A Plastic Or Wooden Skateboard?

The choice between a plastic or wooden skateboard will depend on your personal preference and the type of skating you plan to do. However, wooden boards tend to be more durable and have a better balance of flexibility and rigidity compared to plastic decks, which tend to wear out more easily.

How Do You Change The Wheels On A Skateboard?

To change the wheels on a skateboard, you need to remove the nut in the center of the wheel with a specialized screwdriver. Once the nut is removed, the wheel can be taken off and replaced with a new one. Be sure to transfer the bearings from the old wheel to the new one, and then screw the new wheel back onto the skateboard.

How Do You Use A Skateboard?

Skateboarding requires practice and technique to control stability. To get started, it is best to begin on a flat surface with a good stance and balance. Start by pushing off with one foot while keeping the other foot on the board. Once you get going, try turning by leaning in the direction you want to go. Remember to always wear safety gear and take it slow until you feel comfortable on the board.

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I started with the skateboard at 7 years old when my dad taught me how to ride. Since then, I have mostly owned freestyle skates and longboards- even if they were difficult for some people in our town.

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