Best Budget MTB Helmets Under 100 Dollars of 2024

best mountain bike helmets under 100

If you’re into sports and cycling, you can enjoy your activities worry-free with the right gear. One of the essential pieces of equipment you need is a helmet or other protective gear to minimize the risk of injury in case of accidents.

Mountain bike helmets are designed to provide a protective layer for your head, reducing the likelihood of harm during your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re riding on rough terrain or smooth pavement, a durable helmet will keep you safe from bumps and falls.

Mountain biking is an exciting way to explore new terrain and spend time outdoors. To ensure a safe and comfortable ride, it’s crucial to invest in a helmet with essential features such as durability and adjustable straps that can accommodate various head sizes. Even on asphalt roads where shock absorption may not be as critical, a reliable mountain bike helmet can still provide peace of mind.


If you’re a mountain biker, finding the best helmet for you can be a matter of personal preference. If you’re seeking greater protection and durability, we suggest taking a look at our comparative guide to get started.

SHINMAX Detachable Sun Visor Bike Helmet

SHINMAX Detachable
Color: Black
Material: ‎Polycarbonate
Weight: 200 Grams
Size: 57-62cm
User: Unisex
SHINMAX Specialized Bike Helmet

SHINMAX Specialized
Color: Green
Material: ‎Polycarbonate
Weight: 220 Grams
Size: 57-62cm
User: Unisex
LIXADA Mountain Bike Helmet

Color: Black
Material: ‎Polycarbonate
Weight: 360 Grams
Size: Small
User: Unisex
CAIRBULL Cycling Helmet

Color: White
Weight: 230 Grams
Size: 54-61cm
User: Unisex
MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmets

Color: Blue
Material: ‎Polycarbonate
Weight: 300 Grams
Size: 55-60cm
User: Unisex
MOKFIRE Unisex Bike Helmet

Color: Black and Grey
Material: ‎Polycarbonate
Weight: 190 Grams
Size: 54-58cm
User: Unisex
PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

Color: Black
Material: ‎Polycarbonate
Weight: 300 Grams
Size: 55-58cm
User: Unisex

SHINMAX Detachable Sun Visor Bike Helmet

SHINMAX mountain bike helmets are engineered to surpass the highest safety standards while being lightweight and comfortable for cycling. They also have excellent resistance capacity.

SHINMAX Detachable Sun Visor Bike Helmet

With a CE certification, SHINMAX is recognized as one of the best mountain bike helmets on the market. It’s constructed from top-quality materials that ensure durability, firmness, and comprehensive protection for the rider’s head during a collision.

The helmet visor is detachable, giving you the option to choose between two styles: one for road use and another that’s perfect for mountain trails.

The aerodynamic design of the SHINMAX helmet features 18 vents that provide excellent ventilation, reducing resistance and keeping you cool during summer cycling.

If you prefer a more traditional bicycle helmet, it’s always a reliable choice to protect your head from injury. The padding is removable for easy cleaning.


Unisex model
Removable internal pads
Adjustable straps with padding
Adjustment Knob
Aerodynamic ventilation
Integral protection


Available for adults only
It does not have a camera accessory

SHINMAX Specialized Bike Helmet

The Shinmax helmet offers superb comfort, thanks to its adjustable straps and two holes for different head shapes. It also has a circumference adjustment button at the back for a more precise fit.

SHINMAX Specialized Bike Helmet

SHINMAX bicycle helmets are designed to surpass the highest safety standards, offering excellent resistance and comfort for cycling.

The visor design is effective in reducing sunlight reflection, providing a more enjoyable ride even on cold days. You can also remove the blocks from the visor when not in use.

This helmet comes with safety light strips on the back, making it easy to recognize your direction and location in the dark. It also features three lighting modes: constant light for visibility in any condition, slow flashing to increase visibility at night, and fast flashing to grab attention if needed.

Offering excellent head protection, the Shinmax helmet is an ideal choice for cycling enthusiasts, particularly for beginners who are more prone to falls.


Resistant and comfortable
Unisex model
They reduce the reflection of light
A camera can be attached to it


Available for adults only
Does not include the accessories for the camera

LIXADA Mountain Bike Helmet

This high-performance mountain bike helmet is both super lightweight and incredibly sturdy and shock-resistant, made with the best materials available and extraordinary attention to detail.

LIXADA Mountain Bike Helmet

Considered one of the best bicycle helmets on the market, it’s designed specifically for cycling, scooter, trail cycling, and horse riding, featuring a hooked visor to protect your eyes from rain, sun, mud, and tree branches.

With an air duct system of 13 vents, this helmet provides a cooling outlet during intense rides. It also includes quality and removable internal padding to absorb shocks and excess sweat.

Suitable for both road and mountain cycling, this helmet is incredibly versatile and offers excellent head protection, minimizing the impact of blows to the head and increasing the cyclist’s safety.

The PC shell, integrated into the multi-dimensional cone-shaped foam and an adjustable back pad, is suitable for a head circumference of 22-24.4 cm.


Shell polycarbonate
Super light
Robust and resistant


Available for adults only

CAIRBULL Cycling Helmet

This helmet is made of polycarbonate material and has an EPS coated mold with a thermoformed shockproof reinforced polyethylene inner shell. Despite being lightweight, it meets the highest safety standards and provides excellent protection.

CAIRBULL Cycling Helmet

It is considered one of the best mountain bike helmets due to its compact design, which offers a unique experience and greater comfort. The inner lining and chin liner fit well, and the inner pad is removable and washable for greater cushioning comfort made of Coolmax material.

This helmet features a ventilation system that is designed to keep your head cool and dry by increasing airflow. It has 21 wind tunnel vents and an internal channeling arrangement for increased air circulation, which is perfect for intense activities like mountain biking or cycling on hot days. It also reduces glare and keeps sweat away from your eyes to avoid any irritation.


Lightweight and Durable
Removable cheek pads
Comfortable design
Inner lining with chin lining


Available for adults only

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmets

Experience comfort and safety like never before with the Mokfire mountain bike helmet. This cutting-edge helmet is built with an EPS foam core and a PC frame that ensures top-of-the-line shock absorption and protection for your head.

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmets

Featuring a state-of-the-art design, the Mokfire helmet is the perfect choice for cycling enthusiasts who want a helmet that can keep up with their adventurous spirit. It’s ideal for both road and mountain biking and is built to last for years.

With adjustable straps and a dial at the rear, this helmet provides a secure and comfortable fit that can be easily adjusted to your liking. Its snug fit ensures that it stays in place even during high-speed turns, providing you with the confidence you need to tackle any trail.

The Mokfire helmet is also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just 280 grams. You’ll hardly even notice it’s there as you ride, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead without any distractions.

Invest in the best mountain bike helmet and elevate your cycling experience to new heights with the Mokfire helmet.


Double adjustment up and down
Tension around the head
Greater comfort
Very good absorption


Illumination lasts only 2 hours
Available for adults only

MOKFIRE Unisex Bike Helmet

This mountain bike helmet is built with PVC and PC materials and is CE Certified for its durability and resistance. Its lightweight design, weighing only 260 grams, makes it a comfortable and easy-to-wear option for riders.

MOKFIRE Unisex Bike Helmet

The helmet also features an easy-to-remove visor for versatility in different riding situations, while still providing top-notch safety protection. The removable lining is easy to clean, and an integrated net protects against insects while riding.

The comfortable chin pad material helps absorb sweat for increased comfort while riding. Additionally, the removable chinstrap and quick-release buckle provide secure protection for the rider’s head.

This helmet is highly adjustable to fit a circumference of 56-61 cm, thanks to the elastic side straps that can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit. It’s a great option for any cyclist looking for a comfortable and adjustable helmet that provides top-quality protection.


Light product
CE certificate
Unisex models
Quick-release buckle


Available for adults only

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

The PHZ mountain bike helmet is compliant with the 1078 helmet standard, ensuring top-notch protection. This helmet model is ultra-lightweight and features an advanced ventilation system with 19 respirators to keep you cool while biking.

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

This helmet is among the best mountain bike helmets available, thanks to its lightweight and compact design, as well as its high adjustability. The straps are made of foam rubber, which acts as a sweat absorbent, and won’t cause any skin reactions.

It features a top-quality swivel wheel adjustment method and includes a rear light. The removable lining is also a great feature, making cleaning the helmet a breeze.

Made of PVC coating and EPS foam, this helmet is both hard and lightweight, ensuring excellent impact resistance. It also comes with a visor that improves visibility in various weather conditions, including rain.

This product complies with safety standards, guaranteeing protection at all times, and features a standard light for nighttime use. The quality foam material absorbs impact, making it an ideal choice for professional cyclists who may experience impacts.

The helmet’s easy-to-detach visor and removable liner make for easy cleaning. The adjustable buckle allows for a customized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and protection.


Lightweight and highly resistant to impacts
It adapts to mountains and roads
Simple adjustment system
Lights in different modes


Limited sizes

How to choose the right MTB helmet?

A helmet is a crucial safety gear for mountain biking. It provides protection in case of an accident, and in some places, it is mandatory to wear one while riding an ATV. There are numerous models available today, offering various features to suit different needs.

best budget bike helmet


Different types of mountain bike helmets are available to suit various riding conditions and preferences. It’s crucial to wear a helmet to ensure your safety when mountain biking, especially in areas where it’s mandatory.

Classic MTB Helmets

These helmets are lightweight, practical, and comfortable to wear. They protect the upper part of the head but leave the face exposed. They are perfect for beginners and riders who prefer slower speeds on smooth terrain.

All-Mountain MTB Helmets

These helmets are similar to classic helmets but have a longer back to provide optimal protection to the neck. They are also lightweight and provide excellent ventilation for comfortable use during mountain rides.

Bowl MTB Helmets

These helmets have better ventilation than classic helmets, but they are heavier. They are perfect for street and park rides, and they offer an interesting level of security with an original style.

Full-Face MTB Helmets

These helmets are suitable for extreme use and provide optimal protection from the skull to the neck. They are lightweight despite their appearance and ideal for avid athletes who enjoy mountain biking at high speeds.

best mountain bike helmet under 100


Choosing the right size is a crucial factor when it comes to selecting the best mountain bike helmet.

It’s essential to avoid choosing a helmet that’s too large or too small for your head as it can make you feel uncomfortable during your ride. To help you find the right size, take measurements of your head circumference using a tape measure. Always add an extra 2 cm to the total measurement for greater comfort. Also, consider your hairstyle, as helmets may fit differently based on your hair type. For instance, if you have an afro, you might need a larger helmet size.

To learn more about the sizing of a specific helmet, you can check the product specifications. This information is typically available in the product description.

best mtb helmet


When looking for a good MTB helmet, it is important to consider the materials used in its construction.

A plastic helmet may not be as strong as one made of polycarbonate. Before choosing an accessory, consider the following:

Outer Shell

Choose a strong model with an outer shell made of polycarbonate or ABS, which are more durable than PVC. A hard helmet with carbon components is ideal, as it offers waterproof protection and optimal shock absorption.

Inner Shell

The inner shell of the helmet is responsible for providing comfort to the wearer. It can be made of aramid, Kevlar, nylon, or carbon and is usually reinforced with polystyrene to increase its strength against impacts.

Protective Varnish

The helmet’s color is not chosen at random. It typically has a protective coating that enhances its strength and ventilation, ensuring it does not become tarnished quickly. The coating also makes the structure less sensitive to scratches in the event of an impact.

However, the way a helmet is made can also vary by brand, so it’s important to consider well-known brands that follow manufacturing processes and standards to ensure a high-quality product.

best mtb helmet under 50


To ensure that you make the right choice when buying an MTB helmet, you need to consider the various factors that characterize the product. Here are some key elements to keep in mind:

The Strap

Aside from the size, the strap is a critical element that determines the comfort of your MTB helmet. Look for a helmet with a high-quality strap that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. The fastening system should be gentle on your throat and conform to the shape of your chin. Opt for a strap made from soft but rigid material that won’t leave marks behind your ears. There are several models of helmets on the market with an adjustable strap that can conform to the shape of your face.

Level of Protection

The level of protection provided by the helmet is also important. Some helmets may only protect the top of your head, while others may provide coverage for your forehead and face. For maximum protection, choose a helmet that covers as much of your head as possible.


It’s important to choose a lightweight helmet that provides comfort and won’t weigh you down when you’re riding.


A versatile model that can be used for both road and mountain biking is highly recommended. This will make your investment much more profitable.

Adjustment Straps

Look for helmets with adjustment straps that allow you to position it in the most comfortable way possible. Helmets with safety buckles are much safer and easier to use.


Choose a model with removable internal parts that can be removed for easier cleaning and washing. These are highly recommended, as they prevent the accumulation of bacteria and strong odors that can result from constant use.


Unisex products are beneficial as they can be worn by both men and women. This means you can share the helmet with your partner or family members who participate in the same sport.

best mtb helmet under 150


A mountain bike helmet is not only mandatory for competitions, but also highly recommended for road biking as it offers maximum safety. In addition to providing protection, a good quality mountain bike helmet can enhance your performance and help you progress faster in your races or perform tricks with ease.

There are various models of helmets available that cater to different morphologies and are designed to not hinder your movements. These helmets are made of lightweight and anti-perspirant materials that offer maximum comfort while wearing. Investing in a quality mountain bike helmet is essential for sports enthusiasts as it not only provides safety but also enhances performance.

best mtb helmet 2021


To ensure practicality and comfort, you have the option to choose between a full-face mountain bike helmet and an open one. Your choice will depend on the type of mountain biking you will be doing.

The full-face model is ideal for high-risk mountain biking areas such as downhill slopes or extreme sports. This helmet offers protection not only to the skull but also to the entire face and back of the neck. If you plan to go fast on your ATV, this is the perfect helmet for you. It looks similar to a motocross helmet but with better ventilation.

On the other hand, the open model is popular among cyclists. It is perfect for casual use in the city and offers optimal comfort while being easily forgettable. Generally, it provides protection to the top of the head, and some models also offer extra protection for the neck. This helmet is known for its anti-perspirant capacity and also features a visor to protect you in case of rain. If you plan to ride on flat terrain at moderate speeds, the open-face helmet is a great choice.

best budget mtb helmet


This article promotes top brands of mountain bike helmets with Google-friendly words.


Giro is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of models, products, and prices suitable for everyone, from amateurs to professionals. They provide high-quality products in various colors that cater to different needs and budgets.


Autlead offers high-quality products suitable for both cycling enthusiasts and professionals. Their helmets are made of quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. They offer a range of prices, so you can choose the best one for you.


Shinamx is another brand that caters to the demands of both professionals and amateurs with various options to choose from. Their helmets are of high quality and come in different ranges that are worth considering.


Lixada is a favorite brand among professionals, offering a wide range of products with excellent quality and durability. Their helmets have modern designs that adapt to head measurements to ensure maximum performance.


How to use an MTB helmet?

Wearing an MTB helmet is simple. First, place it on your head evenly. Next, close the straps under your chin and adjust them so that they are snug, but not too tight. Make sure the straps are under your ears and not near your chin. Finally, secure the clasp of the straps under your chin. To ensure a proper fit, it is essential to adjust the helmet to your head.

How to clean an MTB helmet?

To properly clean your helmet, disassemble the movable parts, such as the visor, strips, or pads. Use warm water and a neutral soap, such as bath gel for children, to clean these elements. This product will not damage the helmet’s material. Once clean, let it air dry in a well-ventilated area and away from direct sunlight. After it is completely dry, reassemble everything and double-check the fit before using it again.

When to change an MTB helmet?

MTB helmets do not have an expiration date, but due to the material they are made from, their protective properties may deteriorate over time. The general consensus is to replace your helmet every 5 years. However, if you notice any deformations, cracks, or other defects in the helmet’s structure, it is highly recommended that you replace it immediately.

How to fit an MTB helmet?

Proper fit is critical for an MTB helmet to provide effective protection. Place the helmet on your head flat and balanced, without tilting it back or to the side. Adjust the nape retention system to a firm level but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. The buckles should be under your ears and not near your chin. Pull the straps until you feel the proper pressure. If you have any doubts, there are many instructional videos online that can guide you through the process.

How to choose an MTB helmet size?

To choose the correct size for your MTB helmet, you need a fabric sewing tape measure. Measure the widest part of your head, which is just above your eyebrows. Most manufacturers only require this measurement to determine the size you need. Each size has a range of 2 centimeters, giving you some leeway when selecting a helmet. For example, a size L helmet is for heads with a contour of 59 or 60 centimeters.

Is It Necessary to Change an MTB Helmet After an Accident?

If your MTB helmet has protected you in an accident, you must replace it immediately. The impact may have altered its properties and ability to protect you adequately, even if it does not have any external defects. The internal structure may have been damaged, increasing the risk of future injury.

Which Is Better, an MTB Helmet With or Without a Chin Guard?

MTB helmets with chin guards provide additional protection to the mouth and chin area in the event of an impact, making them suitable for downhill bike users and others involved in extreme activities. However, some users find them annoying or uncomfortable. The choice between a helmet with or without a chin guard is a personal preference.

What Is MIPS and Why Do I Need It?

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. It is designed to reduce the rotational forces that can occur when you have a collision, minimizing brain injuries. Helmets with MIPS technology are more expensive, but they are effective in reducing injuries in certain types of accidents. If you enjoy cycling, it is essential to invest in safety products that can reduce the impact of accidents, especially those involving the head.

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