Are Electric Mountain Bikes Worth It?


The advent of electric mountain bikes is a significant advancement in the cycling industry. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also cost-effective and efficient, reducing carbon emissions from the manufacturing process, which contributes to global warming.

While the term “mountain bike” is often used interchangeably with electric bikes, it is important to differentiate between the two. Mountain bikes cater to everyone who wishes to explore new terrains and enjoy nature’s beauty while experiencing the thrill of speed.

With high-powered units, mountain biking enthusiasts can now enjoy an even more exhilarating ride that can take longer than usual due to frames designed to accommodate batteries and motors in perfect harmony. There are different levels of assistance to help riders adjust to the power of their bikes, with options such as touring, comfort, or quick-release with hub gears for easy removal when not in use.

To be classified as an electric mountain bike, it must meet the following primary criteria: a motor power of 250 W maximum, assistance only when pedaling, and automatic disconnection of assistance beyond 25 km/h. This makes it possible for everyone to enjoy mountain biking as a fun and pleasant activity.

In some regions, mountain tourism has seen three revolutions: ski lifts, parabolic skis, and electric mountain bikes. The latter has made the activity accessible to all, and it is worth trying!

The Electro Bike Festival celebrates mountain biking, with electric bikes being the center of attention. Attendees can test out all the models and participate in guided excursions around town, making it the perfect event for any biker who loves going green.

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Electric-assisted mountain biking is not only an excellent mode of transportation but also a fantastic social experience. It allows riders to overcome gravity and keep up with more experienced bikers or get a more challenging workout.

Mountain biking has always been an exciting activity, but with electric assistance, it takes on a new level of exhilaration. With powerful motors that kick in when needed, riders can conquer higher and faster trails than ever before and enjoy the descent in style.

Electric-assisted mountain biking also provides a sense of freedom that is unmatched by traditional mountain biking with ski lift assistance. Whether you’re looking for a challenging workout or just want to explore the mountain, electric-assisted mountain biking is an excellent option for all skill levels.


Frame and Components

Compared to traditional mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes are heavier and more expensive. As such, it’s essential to prioritize key components such as powerful brakes and tubeless tires to ensure a smooth ride, especially on challenging terrain.

Another crucial factor is the durability of the chain. Opt for an E MTB with larger rear sprockets to achieve a wider development range, which is more efficient than smaller sprockets at lower speeds or on technical terrain where pedaling becomes challenging without compromising power output. While some early models may not have included this feature, many brands have since corrected it in subsequent productions.

Investing in a quality electric mountain bike with these essential components can provide an exceptional riding experience, regardless of the terrain.

Wheel Motor or Pedal Motor

Electric mountain bikes are a popular choice for those looking for a new biking experience. The bottom bracket motor is an ideal option as it provides better weight distribution and reduces shaking.

Another option is the rear-wheel motor, which allows for a natural biking experience while providing power on demand when necessary. Bosch is a trusted brand in the industry, with three engine choices available: Active, Performance, and Performance CX, with the latter being a more powerful option for mountain biking.

Yamaha is another strong competitor in the electric mountain bike market, with high-quality components and the potential for double chainrings on pedal motors.

As the mountain biking industry continues to grow, many brands are developing new engines and innovations, such as Focus (Impulse II & EVO RS) and Specialized’s Turbo Levo models equipped with Brose motors.

When shopping for an electric mountain bike, consider factors such as torque, engine configuration, and battery life. Equipment such as forks and shocks should also be taken into consideration based on personal preferences and needs.

Wheel Size

If you’re considering buying a new electric mountain bike, it’s important to find one that suits your riding style. There are many different models available today, each with their own unique features and configurations to choose from, such as:

27.5-inch wheels
27.5+ wheels
29-inch wheels
29-inch front wheel and 27.5-inch rear wheel: specifically designed for Mustache Bikes, the larger front wheel helps with obstacle clearance and stability.
Semi-Rigid or Full Suspension

Electric mountain bikes come in two popular types, semi-rigid and full suspension. For those looking for a versatile bike that can handle short trips around town and light off-road riding, a semi-rigid electric bike may be the perfect fit. These bikes offer enough power to keep up with your needs without being too heavy or difficult to maneuver, making them great for beginners.

However, if you plan on tackling rough and hilly terrain, a full suspension electric mountain bike will provide the best performance. Despite being heavier, the added weight helps with handling and the electric assistance makes up for the extra weight, ensuring high efficiency and comfort during your rides.

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Using an E-MTB as a couple can be a great way to enjoy cycling together. Don’t be surprised at how much fun you can still have while getting some exercise!

Electric assistance can be a game-changer for your ride. Whether you choose to ride in Turbo Mode or take advantage of unlimited energy, you’ll feel like you’re flying up hills and powering through rough terrain.

Experienced mountain bikers who have been riding for years may want to consider an E-MTB as a way to keep up with their group and have more fun on descents or challenging trails. With the help of electric assistance, you can still get a great workout while enjoying the ride!

Mountain bikers

For dedicated and adventurous mountain bikers, pushing their limits and taking on more challenging trails is the ultimate thrill. However, for those who engage in extreme or intense riding, it’s crucial to test their bikes thoroughly in advance to ensure safety and maximize the potential for exhilarating adventures.

The uninitiated

Electric mountain biking is an excellent option for those who want to try something new and exciting outdoors. With no prior experience necessary, it’s an easy way to hit the trails and get some exercise while enjoying nature. This makes it a great choice for newcomers or anyone who wants to enjoy some fresh air and adventure!

The ex-motorcycle endurance riders

E-bikes are becoming a popular alternative to traditional motorcycles due to their sustainable and environmentally friendly technology. They offer a fun and unrestricted form of transportation that is perfect for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace green technology for a sustainable future.

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